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Mathematical Holy Grail


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Jun 11, 2020
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Hello. This post is intended for those who really want to become a professional player, and make money.

My method is purely mathematical, and has nothing to do with statistics, motivation, weather, the mood of the player and other things. The method can be applied to any bookmaker. But since we mean that such book bet365, william hill, and others, can limit your limits and block accounts, my method is designed for Pinnacle.

As we know, Pinnacle does not limit players, and has large limits. We also know that Pinnacle is very difficult to beat, as the line is built almost perfectly.

But there is a method that beats any bookmaker mathematically. I conducted experiments for several years, and in all areas of the game, I got a positive result. The experiments were conducted on football and tennis. I managed to get more than 10% ROI, in a long section of the game.

Below are the graphics of the game of football and tennis for the period January 1 - to this day. Charts made in Excel.

Football. January. Flat 1%.

January Soccer.jpg

Football. February.Flet 1%.

February Soccer.jpg

Football. March (until March 11), because quarantine was introduced. Flat 1%.

March Soccer.jpg

Tennis. January. Flat 1%.(Blue chart - flat, red chart - Kelly Criterion)

January Tennis.jpg

Tennis. February. Flat 1%.(Blue chart - flat, red chart - Kelly Criterion)

February Tennis.jpg

Tennis. May. Flat 1%. (Blue chart - flat, red chart - Kelly Criterion)

May Tennis.jpg

Tennis. June. Flat 1%. (Blue chart - flat, red chart - Kelly Criterion)

June Tennis.jpg

As we can see from the graphs, every month we have a stable profit, even during the quarantine period.

I will provide all the tools that will allow you to track which matches you need to bet on.

I wrote a telegram bot who sends matches to telegram.

In general, everything is ready to start work.

This is not a hoax, and I'm not a scammer. I can provide all the evidence that Pinnacle can be defeated mathematically.

If you are ready to receive this holy grail, write to the mail.