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Match 5 — CPL 2019 — Trinidad knight riders vs St Lucia Zouks, Trinidad — Match prediction


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Sep 8, 2019
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We are referring Bet365 as a bookmaker and giving these predictions

Total Sixes in the match — Under 15.5 at 1.83

Runs at the fall of the first wicket — Under 21.5–1.90

The above are the two predictions that have 90% of the chance to win and we have a few more predictions which also can have good returns

If Trinidad goes to bat first the Prediction for runs in first innings will be — Over 169.5 and if St.Lucia goes to bat first the prediction for total runs in the first innings is — Under 169.5.

The other selection is total runs in the match — Under 329.5 at 1.83 Odds

If anyone has suggestions about any market that they want predictions they can contact abetisaninvestmet@gmail.com

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