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Ludogorets - Hoffenheim

Discussion in 'UEFA Europa League cup' started by Football Bet Picks, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Football Bet Picks

    Football Bet Picks Experienced Bettor

    Mar 10, 2017
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    Ludogorets hosts Hoffenheim in a match from Group C of Europa League. Here are our predictions for soccer for this game.

    Ludogorets are one of the rising football forces on the Balkans. They are dominating the Bulgarian league and they also qualified twice for the Champions League group stages. They were unable to do it this year, so they found themselves in the Europa League.

    The Bulgarians started well their participation in the group, making a strategical draw during the visit to Istanbul Basaksehir. Ludogorets’ main goal in this match was not losing it and we can say that they did well. Now they will try to use their home ground advantage in their next game to record a first win in this group.

    But it won’t be easy for them, because their opponent is Hoffenheim.

    Although they were labeled favourites in this group, Hoffenheim started their campaign with a surprising home loss against Sporting Braga. Nobody really expected this to happen, because Hoffenheim are one of the most solid German teams at the moment. But something didn’t work for theim against Braga. Now they will try to repeat their mistake against Ludogorets on Bulgarian soil.

    In the Bulgarian league Ludogorets are currently second, trailing with one point behind the leader CSKA Sofia after the first ten rounds. They are in a run of three consecutive wins and they are still unbeaten in the league. Their record so far is seven wins and three draws.

    Hoffenheim on the other hand are doing very well in the Bundesliga. They are currently second in the standings, being on just two points behind the leader Borussia Dortmund. They are also still unbeaten in the league - their record is four wins and two draws in six games.

    These are our predictions for soccer for the game between Ludogorets and Hoffenheim. We wish you a good luck!
  3. A_Skywalker

    A_Skywalker Professional Bettor

    Jul 24, 2008
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    Hoffenheim tried to play too aggressively resulting in 7 yellow cards, but not even one red. Hoffenheim scored early by mistake of Motzi. They could have scored another goal but missed great opportunity. After this the bulgarian team started to play better and they had a chance to score a goal when Anicet was left alone infront of the german goal keeper, but from 5 metre he couldnt' hit the goal. The 2nd half started great for Ludogorets. Dyako scored from outside the penalty box. Lukoki scored for 2-1 and gave the first win for Ludogorets this year in the Uefa Europa league groups.