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Let's create a strategy together!


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Aug 16, 2022
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My idea is that all together we can create at least one profitable strategy for the community... so every opinion will be tested and a reply with the results will be provided :)

This is an example of pre-match strategy for over 1.5 goals FT:
  • Matches Played by Both Teams played Overall is between 5 and 60
  • +1.5 Goals % by Both Teams played Overall is between 75 and 100
  • Total Goals (AVG) by Both Teams played Overall is between 2 and 15
  • Total Goals (AVG) by Away Team played Away is between 2 and 15
  • +2.5 Goals % by Both Teams played Overall is between 50 and 100
So if we get that strategy and see how it would have performed in last 6 months:
🎯 Over 1.5 Total Goals (21277/24982) 85.17%
🎯 Summary
85.17% Won desired outcome
14.83% Lost desired outcome
1.19 Average odds for the outcome

So as we can see this strategy would have a great hit chance but very low odds... after 100 bets with plain stake of 1 unit per bet we would get a profit of 1 unit

If we move this to in-play and wait for the odds to be a bit higher... probably we would improve the results (or probably not as we could be missing important games with early goals)

An important detail is that in-play games can't be backtested but can be tracked for future results