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Learn to win: Evaluate and Discuss Your Hands


Nov 19, 2014
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Everything we do is geared towards helping poker players learn to win. Hand discussion forums are where we talk poker. If you post your example in the forum, where our experts and other community members judge how you played, you'll receive these benefits:

1. Tailored tutoring for you, by our experts
2. Rapid improvement in your poker game of choice
3. The combined poker knowledge of a global community

How do I begin a hand discussion?
To begin a hand discussion you must post a hand you played in the forum, which allows other people to share their advice about the hand. This process of discussion and analysis allows for a larger rate of improvement.

Step 1: find your hand
Take the raw hand history of the hand you want to discuss or evaluate.

Step 2: convert your hand
Use one of several tools to make your hand history more user friendly and readable (shown right).

Step 3: post your hand
Post in our hand discussion forums.

Step 1: find your hand
Your "hand history", the raw output from the poker client is saved to your computer by your poker client. This option is usually switched off by default, so it's important that you change this in the options of your poker client. Once you do, you must collect the hand history data.

Step 2: convert your hand
We must now convert the hand information to "BB-Code", the format used in our forums. You have three options here:

• If you use the SideKick, you do not need to convert. Simply click the "Copy BB-Code" button and paste it in the forum.

Hold 'em Manager 2 can convert your hand automatically to the correct format we use, in the hand replayer or by right-clicking the hand you want.

• Using the poker client, we need to extract the raw hand data using the hand history options within the client and then convert this raw information to BB-Code so we can post in the forum. To do this we must paste the raw data into a Hand Converter.

Step 3: post your hand
Our hand is ready to be posted in the forum. Now we want to find the best place to post it, so we note the gametype & stakes of our hand so the experts can advise us on how we played.

Open the correct forum for your hand from the list of forums and click "New Thread"
For example, the hand at the top of the page belongs in the No Limit Hand Evaluations forum. You can see this forum represented by the stakes of the hands it contains the hand is from a $0.25/$0.50 No Limit game, so it belongs in the forum "Hand Evaluations No Limit 0.10/0.20 to 0.25/0.50"

Paste the BB-Code of your hand into the new thread and click "Post New Thread"
Be sure to add any thoughts or comments you have on the hand, your own line or your opponents. The more information you add to your post, the more relevant any replies will be and there is a greater chance of in depth hand discussion.

Begin your hand discussion!
A short time after you post, some discussion will take place in your thread, which you should of course participate in - so keep your eye on your thread until you get a reply!

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