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Sep 8, 2019
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The World of sports and betting is fast-paced, and there's always something new that pops up every hour that goes by! So, to ensure you never miss any news or update about your favorite star, team or tournament, we'll be sharing some exclusive sports and sports betting news and updates.

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Any player that deserves the title of G.O.A.T (greatest of all time), shows during their career that they move the limits of human achievement and set new ones. It is inevitable that during the many years they are out-competing that there will be periods where their performance is in decline. However, when they run the third decade of their lives closing in on the 4th, it is also unavoidable for time to take its toll...read more
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The world of football and sports in general is yet to know where the young censation Erling Haaland will be playing next season! The Norwegian star player is currently heavily being sort after by clubs from all the major football leagues.

The latest news has it that Real Madrid and Manchester City are topping the chart of the favorite clubs to sign the plead. Read more...
F1 2022 Season.png
The 2022 Formular 1 season has just begun and promises to be nothing similar to the previous editions. In our latest article, we'll explore what's at stake for the different competitors involved. Click here to read more...
Erling Haaland is a Manchester City Player.

After lots of speculations as to the future of the very talented and young rising star Haaland, but the Norwegian superstar said yes to the offer from Guardiola's Man City.

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With City having won the English Premier League title this past week, the former Borussia Dortmund player is aware the Champions League will be the primary target for the club next season and his impressive goal scoring record which he pulled for his former club will be greatly needed by City.
Just like all modern sports, the male category of boxing often gets a whole lot of attention when compared to the female version! But that not withstanding, female boxing often pulls a whole lot of crowd.

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Today we present to you one of the most iconic female boxing match ever between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, two great figures when it comes to female boxing.

In this piece, you'll learn why it's considered one of the biggest female boxing event ever, amidst being during a COVID-19 troubled period.
The current number two on the ATP rankings, Daniil Medvedev might just have shown to the whole world that he is a tennis player who is hungry to achieve even more greatness!

In fact, we would have thought the 26 year old Russian native would retire after his recent surgery that kept him out of the tennis courts for a relatively long period of time, but that wasn't the case! At least we can say so after his demolition of the Argentine Facundo Bagnis in his opening match in the French open!

More on this incredible comeback here at the latest sports headlines section.
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The MMA is without a doubt one of the most prestigious and followed boxing and sports events in general.

Did you know? Per fight, the average pay could range from just 10,000 USD to way over 3,000,000 USD!
Maç Sonuçları Türkçe.jpg

You can also partake in this winnings and make some good cash for yourself, and this will be ONLY if you follow our guide on how to bet on the MMA right now.

So, check it out and start winning big today...
The English Premier League stands as one of the top destination for world football talents! With the likes of very big teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC and Manchester United who have fans not just in the UK or Europe but in all four-corners of the globe.

Recently, some pretty big names joined the league, prompting us to analyse this continuos momentum of attraction the English Premier League keeps driving and which we dubbed the Multiple Blockbuster Trades from the Premier League, so check it out and enjoy...

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We have seen over the past years from top boxing personalities pull up some great comebacks from illness and from periods of great drought! But the case with Jared Anderson seems all the more interesting as he managed to do just that after his injury on April 2021 sustained during the fight he had against Christian Hammer.

About the injury, he was his official announcement on his Twitter handle: “To All My Fans And Supporters I Would Like To Personally Apologize, Because I Will No Longer Be Able To Fight On The Fury vs Whyte Undercard Due To Injury I Rushed This Camp And Now I Have To Go Into Hiding And Will BE Bacc 10X Stronger”.

On our latest sports piece, we uncover the ins and outs of Jared Anderson's return.
2023 European Ryder Cup Update

Henrik Stenson was announced as the 2023 European Ryder Cup Captain on the 15th March 2022, but now, he has been removed from the position. This news came as a great surprise to more than one golf fan.

More on this in our sports update of the week.


Save the date and venue: October 8th at The O2 in London

Watch the excitement build-up in preparation for one of the most anticipated fights in the recent years between the two-time WBA interim middleweight & IBO super-middleweight champion - Chris Eubank Jr. and the WBA Continental welterweight champion - Conor Benn.

Going by the records of these professional fighters, one would think it'll be a tough fight pitting Chris Eubank Jr. vs Conor Ben, however, the top Asian and European bookmakers seem to have picked their favorite.

Chris Eubank Jr vs Benn.jpg

The African player of the year ceremony just recently ended and without great surprise, the Senegalese legend and 2022 African Cup of Nations winner - Sadio Mané carried the day, and this for the second time of his career.

Currently playing for the iconic Bayern Munich side, one can say for sure Mané is on the right path as far as winning individual and collective trophies are concerned.

Sadio Mané - African player of the year.jpg
French professional basketball players paying the price for the Russian War?

Few weeks before the start of the Eurobasket 2022 competition, the French Basketball Federation announced its decision not to call French basketball players who either have already or will sign up with a Russian or Belarusian club until the end of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Logical or unfair decision? Read the full story on this FFBB decision...

Every English Premier League fan that has been following the league for the past decade will agree that former club owner Roman Abramovich can be considered one of the best club presidents not just in the EPL, but probably in Europe over the almost 20-year period spent at the head of Chelsea FC.

However, the Russian billionaire lost ownership of the club in 2022 and now has questions pending on his presidency.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.jpg

For the past few years, the Premier League seems to have become the property of Manchester City and Liverpool FC, but, this season, both teams have been struggling to play at the level they got us used to for several years. For Liverpool, it's a well-known fact that selling their best player Sadio Mané was a big mistake, while Manchester City committed a similar mistake by letting go one of its best players Sterling.


That said, despite some few disappointing games, Manchester City is 2nd of the table, with just one point less than the great season's surprise Arsenal FC, which could also be interpreted as an overall drop in form of the English Premier League clubs.

More on this enigmatic new season here!

There are several different forms of Martial arts, each with peculiarities and key points distinguising them from others, but one form of martial art known as Sambo is gaining more popularity each year that goes by.

Combat sport - SAMBO.jpg

In our latest article, we leave no stone unturned as we dive into the world of this discipline; what is is all about, the different styles and its Olympic status.

All amateur and professional tennis fans and bettors seem
anonymous on the fact that Carlos Alcaraz is a potential candidate to keep the legacy left by legends such as ROGER FEDERER on, but are they sure he will live up to expectations? Find out more in this latest article.

Carlos Alcaraz legacy.jpeg
Is Mark Zuckerberg fan of UFC to the extend of privatizing it?

A fight between the Brazilian Mackenzie Dern and the Chinese Xiaonan Yan was «closed to the public», however the billionaire Meta owner and his close entourage were perceived in the hall, leading to all sorts of speculations from UFC fans and professionals.

This whole event left more than one sports lover indifferent, and certainly not the best betting agent. Read more...

A 20-year long and brilliant career!

In the world of sports and football in particular where the average professional lifespan is quite short, some few players manage to break the rule, going on to stay competitive for decades.

Our latest piece of article seeks to cover the brilliant career of one of the best ever goalkeepers to play the beautiful game. Just in case you are wondering, it's none other than the legendary Lev Ivanovich Yashin, also dubbed «black spider»

Read on as w uncover the amazing player.



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