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Kevin Durant has demanded a trade from Brooklyn! The Nets are collapsing from within


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Jun 27, 2022
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Irving missed most of last season because he refused to get vaccinated. James Harden asked for an exchange in the championship and in the off-season, first Kyrie and then Kevin Durant wanted to leave the club. Is Kyrie Irving to blame for Brooklyn's collapse?
I don't think he is to blame. Yes, team spirit is important. But personal beliefs is what makes us who we are.
I think him going against the whole system was a revealing move as well as a proof of freedom of choice.
Now speaking of KD and Harden, as superstars, they were supposed to prove themselves as top-notch players as Kyrie wasn't there. That is what we were expecting but sadly didn't see.
Where do you see KD next season. Heard the Suns were interested
First of all, KD has lost respect for me. He has become a parody of a superstar. Without two titles with GSW, not a cool legacy.
Secondly, I've heard about the interest of Dallas, Miami and Philly. A lesser option is the Heat, it seems to me.
KD has fallen from grace sadly with so much talent
It was inevitable at some point. Cause the duo punch we were expecting to see between Kyrie Irving and KD didn't work as expected. Instead, they rarely played on the same matches.
This is often the case. A team of three superstars (two of whom have been MVPs in recent years) is, on paper, one of the top contenders in the NBA. In reality, the team shakes all year, one leader leaves, then a second one demands a trade, someone who is basically afraid to play now comes in. The team barely makes it through the playoffs only to get swept 0-4 in the first round. As they say, what could go wrong in such a situation?

After that, the club's main star demands a trade and names a list of the top teams in the regular season where he's willing to go. It just begs the conclusion that all of this was done in order to get a better contract for Irving and continue to fight for the playoffs, there can be no other explanation.

What about this version?
Sad version but most likely will turn true. I expect KD to land in the Phoenix suns though.