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Kent St.Leger Crayford Semis

Sep 11, 2009
Reaction score

8/15 Midway Skipper
6 Harlow Lad
6 Ard Beauty
12 Rough Mariah
16 Zenas Faye
16 Capel Yankee
25 Aero Blackjack
50 Lucerne Rhys
66 Shelbourne Merc
80 Go Amber Go
100 Zenas Angel
100 Delwood Emma

Each Way 1/5 odds 1-2-3. 124 %

First Semi Final Friday 20.33 Crayford

1. Go Amber Go 25
2. Zenas Angel 40
3. Harlow Lad 4
4. Midway Skipper 1/3
5. Rough Mariah 7
6. Aero Blackjack 14 121%

Second Semi Final Friday 21.20 Crayford

1. Ard Beauty 8/11
2. Delwood Emma 16
3. Capel Yankee 4
4. Shelbourne Merc 10
5. Zenas Faye 9/2
6. Lucerne Rhys 8 122%

The first semi seems by far the strongest but Midway Skipper should prove too strong around the final two bends and catch the certain leader in Trap 3 Harlow Lad.Rough Mariah had a bit of a bumpy ride in her heat but would appear to have enough all round speed to claim the third qualifying spot.

The second semi final appears to give Trap 1 Ard Beauty another chance to confirm heat form with Capel Yankee and Lucerne Rhys and the Trap 1 runner should be in control with 2 bends to go and again the main challenge may come from Capel Yankee in the white jacket of Trap 3.
Trap 4 Shelbourne Merc disputed the lead for most of her heat but the time was some 6 lengths slower than that of Ard Beauty and the black jacketed runner may be denied a lead in this tougher race.