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Just Playing Poker That Can Give Polk Won Millions of Dollars

Discussion in 'General Gambling Forum' started by Susan, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Susan

    Susan New Bettor

    Jun 16, 2017
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    He has won over $5 million taking part in reside poker tournaments and thousands extra in both money games and tourneys online, but Doug Polk’s YouTube movies commonly draw criticism from newcomers who query both his credentials and resolution-making method. It appears his video content material has been attracting a variety of rookie poker players, which is best for the game of poker. However those noobs it appears do not realise the value of the wisdom Polk is passing on.

    Be a good poker player

    After receiving feedback comparable to “We are not looking for commentary for f— sake STFU and let the fashioned broadcast play out” and “fascinating hand for those who pass through the idiot in the little box” according to his YouTube hand analyses, Polk felt compelled to give an explanation for why he has earned the proper to provide recommendation on poker strategy to be a Dewapoker.


    His resume, of course, speaks for itself, and possibly sooner or later the poker learners will recognize. In furtherance of helping them realize, the Upswing Poker co-founder’s cutting-edge YouTube videos makes a speciality of making improvements to your recreation in a bunch of exceptional approaches. Polk touches on a number of issues including levels, worth bets, bluffing, game thought and round considering.

    Freshmen in Poker

    “trust that what I must say is the proper method of looking at it,” Polk implores his viewers, conveniently admitting that he is far from superb. “trying to say that matters are like clearly the reverse of what i am announcing (in the feedback part following the video), i am now not certain who you’re looking to convince,” he added, based on these posters who oftentimes believe that WGCRider is way off base on the correct plays to make in exact instances for the period of his breakdown of arms.

    Hopefully, the freshmen will not brush aside Polk’s cutting-edge video as only a few man who comments about poker on the internet, instead than absolutely enjoying. Finally, he has won a couple of WSOP bracelets and millions of dollars enjoying game poker.
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  3. Simon Goodwin

    Simon Goodwin Experienced Bettor

    Dec 21, 2016
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    Played a lot of poker at Uni but don't get much chance now. Used to play Partypoker, PKR, POKERSTARS to name a few!

    More interested in slots these days and landing a super big jackpot.... one day!