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Implementation of AR/VR Technology in Sports Betting

VR playing football and betting
Change continues to be constant and the same has followed suit with Sports over the years.

Currently, there are certain applications that we have seen excel, which we considered impossible two decades ago. This is one of the perks of technology and the sports sector has been a beneficiary of it over the years.

More specifically, the sports betting industry has experienced exponential growth over the past decade and as technology continues to upgrade the face of everything literally, we can expect this to be applied in this sector as well.

For this piece, we will be looking at two technological advancements - AR/VR - and how they have/can change the face of sports and sports betting at large.

If you are new to those terms, you might be asking yourself at this point, what is AR/VR. This piece will do justice to all you need to know about these technological advancements.

Augmented Reality (AR)​

Augmented Reality is a technology that aims to create an improved version of reality where the elements in the environment are enhanced for a more interactive experience. This technology has been applied in a lot of sectors today and has shown great results. The sport industry happens to be jumping on the trend in recent times.

Virtually Reality (VR)​

Like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality aims to create a much more realistic, make-believe environment by including video and auditory responses. This way, you are more connected to the virtual environment making it seem as though it is real. One aspect where V.R has massively influenced is the gaming sector. In recent times, you can play games that make you feel like you are in the location, and you could hear sounds and feel things as though they were up close. These types of games have garnered a lot of traction because of the faux-reality they portray.

Now that we have broken down those terms to your understanding, let's look into some of the applications of AR/VR in sports.

Applications of AR/VR Technology in Sports​

With sports in recent times, there is more in play. Gone are those days when the concern is solely on the game. More work is now being put into how the viewers enjoy these games, and how the players can be enhanced to function at optimum. Recent technological advancement in sports is geared towards creating a perfect game where nothing is left to error. This is exactly what AR/VR aims to do as well, while bringing another dimension of realism to games being played alongside.

Below are some of the ways AR/VR has been applied to sports.


Over the years, we have seen a lot go down as a result of some errors on the part of the referees. You simply cannot blame them, because while they are professionals, they are only humans and are bound to miss some things. In football, the V.A.R technology is one way AR/VR has been applied in sports. Now, referees can always go back to proof-check before making a crucial decision.


With VR/AR the possibilities of sports training have been stretched. There are AR/VR systems that are created where athletes can run on a track without actually being in the stadium. They can simply be in a room where all that setup is done and it feels as though they are running on a track. This application has stretched the limits to what can be achieved by a sportsperson during training.


AR/VR is also changing the face of sports medicine because of the numerous possibilities attainable. Before the application of AR/VR, when a player is being hit, there is no telling how badly the damage is. However, with AR/VR, in the face of a clash, proper analysis can be done on the muscles or bones that are affected and possible ways they can be treated. With this development, players get better treatments and are least likely to suffer long-running injury periods.

After discussing some of the applications of AR/VR technology, you might have gained some perspective as to how expansive it could grow to become in the long run.

However, here comes the fun part, because do you know AR/VR can change the face of Sports Betting for the better?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways AR/VR technology can influence sports betting a great deal.

Possible Applications of AR/VR Technology in Sports Betting​

Though most of these applications are not a thing yet, after seeing what it has done with sports, it makes drawing parallels not overreaching.

Betting on an AR App​

Imagine streaming your game, and while watching, you can get all the information about a player or team and place a bet, all at the scroll of your fingertips. This is a whole lot different from having to leave your streaming platform, going to research a different site, and betting on another site. You will realize that there is so much time that's being wasted. But with this AR/VR application, you could easily get all the information you want and place your bets without leaving the game. Talk about having a full-blown immersive sports betting experience.

Interacting With Other Bettors​

We have seen betting apps where bettors get to interact and discuss the game as it progresses. Sometimes, they talk about their bets as well. Imagine having this feature applied on streaming platforms. This way, bettors can get to watch the game and discuss the game while watching it. Some ideas could be shared as regards the possible outcomes of the game to help others know what to bet. There is also the possibility that two bettors connected via the AR platform can place bets against each other and bridge the gap. This way, bettors don't get to rely so much on bookies to place bets and can take control of their winnings.

There are even more extensive possibilities; however, the two above give you an insight on what's attainable if AR/VR technology becomes a thing in sports betting. Not only will sports enthusiasts get to enjoy more interactive streaming experiences, but they also get to enjoy a more interactive sports betting experience.

There is no limit to how extensive a change AR/VR technology can make in sports betting and we are here for all of it!