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Im working for Bettson company - do you want tips from our most profit players?

Betting CS Agent

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Jan 16, 2017
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Hi guys,

I'm working in betting buisness since 2015 year. I'm a Customer Support/RISK department agent in Betsson company in Poland. If you have questions about my job, how we work, about our responsibilities, how to find a job in betting industry etc, you can ask me here.

I'm creating this thread, cause I think that this topic is very interesting for all betting players.

Of course I'm also playing bets, but I'm only playing tips by our the best customers - #copypaste. I'm not a trader, I'm not creating tips on my own, but I'm earning a lot of money, cause I have access for all player bets every day and I see which players are succsesfull.

If somebody wants I can also send tickets or tips from our best players via email, of course for free. I'm not a scammer who is taking money for it. You can ask me here, or if you prefer, you can contact withe me for example via mail - my email is betting.helpdesk@gmail.com

I can also help the players who have problems with scammer sportsbook companies which don't want to withdraw funds :)

Feel free, I will answer for all your questions also here.
What a fishy post. Why should you give out these tips for free? Any why and how should you be able to assist players getting money from other operators?
Hm...It is an interesting question...But I do not believe in such ways of earnings. It is not stable way to earn money. In my opinion it is better to find a job and have a stable profit. I was without job, and it was really big problem for me, because everyone need a stable profit.