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I want to start a tipster site can someone help me out with 1 piece of information PLEASE?


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Feb 8, 2024
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I have a system that makes 5% a month. I`m not rich, and I`m not betting with thousands of dollars. I`m just starting out. I want to do to Youtube Lives and share them on Facebook groups and betting forums. For a period of 1-3 months. It makes 5% a month, not more, not less. I`ve done the system for about a year with 0 losing months.
I`ve started betting, then left it then started again, and it always worked. As long as you start from the beginning of the month, say 1 February, up to 28 February, you will make 5%. Now I can probably get to 500 subscribers really fast, like 1-2 months. Then I`m gonna ask for the sale.

The sale is not that big, 10$-20$ a month. But after I have paying customers on my list, how do I go on and promote the service? Say I get 5-10 people to pay me 10$ that will cover just the AUtoresponder because it costs somewhere between 50$-100$. How do I get to 300 subscribers and make a decent 3000$ a month?

I can`t promote it in a way like free tips Monday because I can have 8 weeks of Mondays losing there isn`t any way to say that, yes this prediction is 100% accurate. All I can guarantee is as much as someone can guarantee betting that you will make 5% a month.

I can even put up a refund in place for the tipster fee it`s just that how do I get new customers and have paying customers at the same time?
Can anybody please help me? I believe 10$ a month for earning 5% is a really good deal.