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I think I'm right here...


Jan 20, 2011
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Hey everyone,

I just "stepped" by and I don't really have an idea of sport bets, yet. That's why I entered this forum, to ask some questions and maybe help out with answers in other topics.

I'm a little afraid of bets, 'cause I heard so many bad things, especially from football. Lots of cheaters and swindlers for instance.

So, could anyone give me a hint how to find a reputable bookmarker online or in town? :?:

Thanks to all!
Hello, what bad things did you hear?
In sportsbetting all depends on you, it is not like casino games where its all luck, its actually skill. You need to pick winners consistently to win money, ofcourse this is not easy, infact many people lose, most of that bet.
I think online betting has better odds and is also easier cause you bet infront of the computer following scores. Just dont overdo it. Bet365 and bwin are well known bookmakers, they have millions of users. I am using both.

Hope that helps.
Hi Soccer, we are glad you joined the forum. I'm sure that you'll get the answer to each of your question.

Regarding the betting industry, you just need to be strong enough and face your fears. After that, you'll get what you've been dreaming of..
We all know that every coin has to faces. Like that there are some good and some bad things related to betting also. Its all depends on the person that what he chooses for himself. So, before trying your luck in betting, you should acquire information from the sportsbook and betting reviews, which are easily available on net.
If you stick to betting for fun you are out of trouble. Don't bet money that you don't own.
Use our Vbookie if you want to play for fun, just request which matches you want me to add, I can add by request, as it takes time.
Don't be afraid to bet as long as you're playing just for fun and a little bit of money is okay but if you're going to invest a lot in gambling that's when put the word, "be afraid."