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I am New Member. What do I?

Read or browse through the Sports Betting for Dummies section. You'll learn a lot from there. That's what I'm currently doing. Good luck to both of us. I'm planning to do betting exercises in Boxing, Basketball, & Entertainment. :)

webstarbushehr said:
Hi every one.
I am new with betting. what I do?
how betting on games?
You'd better stay out of betting if you don't even know how to bet on games. Or maybe it's beginner's luck. Good luck anyway
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Hi5, I am also a new here and my friend helps me in telling some tips. You need to learn how betting works what gambling means, type of bets, the odds. Also, search for suited bookies. Check what do you prefer lay or back(exchange) or sportsbook. Go ahead;)
Do your research, learn about the game, form and league tables. You can never second guess sport but you can use data and your mindset to help you predict better.

Keyword - research
I am new on this forum but not in gambling:) Nice to meet you, guys!
I am new here too but I guess you need to read and learn much about the sports itself. Tips are good but knowledge is king