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How To Make Winning Bets: Think Like A Bookie

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Jul 11, 2008
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In the betting scene, it’s fair to say all bettors aren’t the same. We have those who constantly win, those who lose a lot, and those who are somewhere in between. Understanding the winning group is most important as that is where we all strive to be. However, what does it really take to win?

One mistake bettors make is resting on their laurels, this could be thinking you know the best teams to bet on or the best odds to pick, or worse off, thinking you can “predict” outcomes perfectly. What such bettors forget is that the key to winning bets is to think like the person who organized the bet in the first place, the bookie.

The World of Bookmakers​

In the stakes game, the bookmakers are the dons. The bookmaker, or bookie if you want, are the ones who create the whole structure or world of betting you’re in. They are the one who accepts your bets, set the odds, pay you your winnings, and make the rules.

So be it your online betting site or your bookmakers at poker, someone is calling the shots. The popular saying goes, “The house always wins,” and this is probably why so many bettors are now learning how to be a bookie. The bookies have the upper hand.

Though the bookies are meant to be there to ensure balance in winning and losing bets, and only make profits from the vigs they collect, what do you think happens when there’s a tremendous amount of losses? So, knowing that they would really prefer you to be on the losing side, they are also the key to winning.

Why Should You Think Like a Bookie?​

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are betting against yourself or an opposing team. You are betting against the bookies odds, it’s basically you vs the bookmaker. And it’s a simple game of chess (More on that later)

The bookmakers employ multiple statisticians and analysts to come up with suitable odds for each bet, every part of their mood is calculated and they do not want to miss. It’s rather you than them!

Here are 5 solid reasons why you should think like the bookie;
  1. The bookie sets the odds
  2. The bookie has to pay you when you win
  3. The bookie has done more research than you have about each bet
  4. Although trying to create a balance, the bookie prefers you lose than you win
  5. The bookie wants you to bet again
If you take your time to read those 5 reasons over and over again you will realise something new about it every time. And this is why the bookie has to be the reference point.

How Do You Make Winning Bets?​

Here are 3 top strategies to make winning bets while thinking like a bookie

Follow the Odds​

In chess, a great way to open and counterattack your opponent's move is to cover the same amount of ground that they have. When you do this appropriately it kind of seems like you are mimicking your opinion of sorts. This is how to play the bookie.

They make the first move by setting the odds, so play in a similar fashion by looking at the odds they were cautious about and the ones they were confident in, targeting the former is a great way to bet. Odds are no longer what they were truly meant to mean. They initially meant the chances you have at winning, but truly they now represent how much the bookie is willing to let go as well as how sure they are you won’t win.

Knowing the real truth means you can take advantage of the narrative and play the man. You can play him in his own game and catch him when he breaks the status quo because that just means there might be a problem. This could take some time to understand but stick to one bookmaker for a while and study their usual patterns. That way it’s easier to notice when they break the norm.

Reduce Your Stakes​

Making fewer bets on a ticket is a better strategy. Some may argue that the winnings are small but it’s better to spread the bets out rather than having a long ticket. How does this relate to the bookies? You may ask.

As much as the idea is to beat the bookies in their own game, you must realize that the bookie is more prepared than you are. With every 2 discoveries or loopholes you find, the bookie likely knows about one or both of them. So why fall for their trap?

Bet on Less Popular Sports​

The bookies may have done a lot of research but they are still human (maybe assisted with some predictive tech). There are more sports offerings for betting nowadays and not all of them are really known, even by the bookmakers.

A good strategy to make winning bets is to do your research on less popular sports and find out when the bookies get it slightly wrong with their odds. You take advantage and make more money from there. Take up 1v1 stakes like boxing and MMA, as well as newly introduced sports to your preferred betting platform.

Start Winning Bets Today​

You can still make profits starting now by just making the right adjustments and realizing that the best mindset is to think like the bookies themselves. There are more strategies and they all stem from this foundation.

Start winning now and increase your reputation as a bettor, today. And if you’re still thinking about how to be a bookie, then you can also give it a shot!
Thanks for sharing your insights! Understanding the bookie's perspective is definitely key. It's like playing chess - you gotta think a step ahead. Appreciate the tips on following the odds and playing smarter. Good stuff!