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How to Bet on Valorant

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Feb 15, 2022
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Valorant is a game that is growing in the world of eSports. The game is present in the main tournaments of the category and is one of the most sought after in the eSports bookmakers nowadays.

Therefore, we at bettingsoftware.com have separated for you a Valorant betting guide with the most important information about the game!

Betting on Valorant

Betting on Valorant can be a bit challenging if you are not familiar with the electronic game. But the bets are similar to other eSports categories, such as betting on Call of Duty.

Overall, you need to understand a bit about the game and the odds of each team to make your betting predictions, as well as know how to choose the best bookmakers in the market.

Below, you can find our guide to betting on Valorant.
Therefore, we have separated for you a Valorant betting guide with the most important information about the game!

Get to Know the Dynamics of the Game

Valorant is a first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Riot Games, well known in the eSports betting market. In its very first year of release, it was nominated for awards at The Game Awards 2020. Valorant has a very similar structure to CS:GO and Overwatch. Basically, there are five players who play in two teams, with the goal of planting a bomb in certain locations on the map.

Even though it is a new game, fans of FPS games have been investing in Valorant, which has everything to be a favorite among bettors. Therefore, it is worth comparing betting on this game with betting on CS:GO, for example, to get a more comprehensive idea of the market.

Get Information About Teams, Players And Leagues!

Finally, you can start betting using the bonuses offered by the bookmakers. With them, you start to enter the world of e-sports betting and gain experience about the functionality of the sites, the teams' odds and the Valorant betting forecasts.

What are the types of bets in valorant?

It is also important that you know what types of bets are in Valorant. You can bet on the matches or tournaments in the category, and you can also bet live on the game. Below, we have selected the main types of bets at Valorant for you.

Tournament Winner

This Valorant bet is simple and straightforward. You bet on which team will win the tournament. One of the requirements to succeed in this bet is to have knowledge about all the competing teams. This way you can make more assertive predictions.

Match winner

this is another very simple valorant bet. You must bet on which team will win the match. Just like for the winner of the tournament, in this case you also need to know the teams to invest in the best options.

Live Betting

Live betting requires more knowledge than the other two types of bets at Valorant. They require quick thinking and comprehensive knowledge about the market and the probabilities that may occur in the match.

Basically, this type of bet at Valorant is placed while the match is taking place, and you need to keep an eye on the progress of the game to be successful. In this case, knowledge about the teams that are playing is essential!

Tips For Betting On Valorant!

This is maybe one of the most important things when betting in any sport. And her at bettingsoftware.com that’s exactly what you can do!

With us you can see odds side by side for many top sports and always choose the best for your bets, so don’t lose any more time and open an account at the best betting software in the market right now!
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