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How to bet on Super Bowl

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Feb 15, 2022
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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and is eagerly awaited by fans of American soccer, the NFL. After the group phase of the national championship, the best teams play a knockout game, and the grand final is played between the two survivors, and that's why Bettingsoftware.com brings you a short guide of how to bet on the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl Bets

Super Bowl betting is quite simple, as all you need to understand is how the odds work, something that is quite simple. When placing a bet, you must multiply the value of your bet by the value of the odds. Therefore, a $100 bet at a 2.00 exchange rate will net you $200 if you win (100 times 2.00). Another characteristic you should understand is that the lower an odds, the higher the probability of it happening, and vice versa. In a soccer match between Brazil x Venezuela, for example, Brazil's odds will be very low, because it is almost certain that it will win. On the other hand, Venezuela's rating will be high, because it is unlikely to beat Brazil.

In all sports these rules apply, and in Super Bowl 56 you have the contest between the Los Angeles Ram and the Cincinnati Bengals. For example, let's say that a Los Angeles Rams win is paying 1.45, and while a Cincinnati Bengals win pays 2.50. This means that the Rams are favored to win. Betting $100 on the Rams gives you a return of $145 if they confirm their victory (45% profit). Betting on the Bengals returns $250 for every $100 wagered (150% profit).

In addition to betting on the winner, you can also place other bets on this Super Bowl match, such as betting on the amount of points that will be scored in the match, regardless of who comes out the winner.

Another betting market that can be a bit more difficult to understand is the handicap market. This handicap is applied to balance the odds of a match. In the match between the Rams and Bengals, let's say Betfair has set the line at 4 points, so the Los Angeles Rams start the game with a 4-point handicap. For your bet to be a winner on this bet, the Rams have to win the game by at least a 5-point lead. Similarly, you can bet on the Bengals starting the game with a 4-point advantage. Your bet is a winner if the Bengals do NOT lose the game by more than a 5-point margin.

Bets to get the gambler in the mood

Besides bets where there is in-depth analysis on each team and its possibilities, you can also place bets just for fun and to cheer while watching the Super Bowl. Some bets have attracted a lot of gamblers, whether they rely on instinct or luck. Here are a few types of bets to get you in the Super Bowl 56 mood:

Heads or Tails -> At the start of the game, the referee tosses a coin up to decide who starts with the ball, or who chooses to start attacking or defending. You can bet on whether it will be heads or tails, something that depends totally on your luck.

Number of Touchdowns -> You can bet on how many TD's will be scored in the game, how many will be scored by the Rams, how many will be scored by the Bengals, and so on. If you have a good guess on the number of Touchdowns, this is your bet.

Who will be MVP -> The most important player of the game is awarded the MVP of the game. Who do you think will be the MVP of Super Bowl 56?

Who will score the first Touchdown? -> Which player will be the first to score a touchdown in the match?

This was a short one but we hope it got you a little more into Super Bowl, and remember, to make the most of your betting life, please make sure to open an account at the best betting software with no fees!
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