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How to Bet on R6

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Feb 15, 2022
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Stopping a terrorist threat, using tactical operations inspired by FBI rescue actions: that's the main mission of the Rainbow Six franchise, and it's about this franchise that bettingsoftware.com the best betting software, is going to talk about today!

What Is Rainbow Six?

At the inception of Red Storm Entertainment in 1996, the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six franchise, or simply Rainbow Six as it is known, was born. The matches are played in up to 12 rounds, the first team to win seven rounds wins the game. There is the chance of a 6-6 tie, taking the game to extra time. The game contains 48 operators, 24 forwards and 24 defenders, the final choice is by bans until the final choice of 5 operators for each team. And yes, before you wonder, there is a huge Rainbow Six Betting market at several Rainbow Six Siege betting sites. In this article, we'll talk a bit about each type of bet and the best sites for placing R6 bets.

What are the markets for Rainbow Six Siege?

When we are going to place Rainbow Six bets, we need to be aware of a few important points before we begin. We already had knowledge about sports betting in general, so we follow the same reasoning. And for that, we'll comment a little on each type of bet existing in the game's markets.

Tournament Winner

This type of bet is very simple and has no secret. When you open your Rainbow Six Siege betting site you will find the tournament and the odds of the teams that will compete for the title. In this case, you will bet on the team that will win the tournament. Knowledge about the teams and the players is essential, so the chances of you being right about which team will be in the best shape increase.

Match Winner

This is another type of Rainbow Six Betting that is very simple and easy to bet on. You will choose which match you want to place the bet on R6 and place it. This type of bet also requires a good knowledge of the favorite teams. Another important tip is to place multiple bets, thus increasing your winnings even more.

Live Betting

Live bets are great for those seeking a quicker gain. It requires quick thinking and applied knowledge about all the possibilities that may occur during the match. For example, in Rainbow Six Bets, you can bet during a match that is taking place, which team will win a certain round. Or some player to make a certain number of slaughters during a certain time. But remember, this type of bet requires a lot of calm and knowledge from the bettor to be successful.

3 Tips for Betting in Rainbow Six

There is not much mystery to betting on Rainbow Six. However, it is necessary to understand a little about e-Sports and games that are FSP.
That is why we have separated 3 basic tips to bet on Rainbow Six. Check them out!

1) Study Betting Markets

E-Sports markets differ from traditional gaming markets. Therefore, it is important to understand all the nuances and terms surrounding e-Sports betting markets. In this article we show you which markets are the most favorable for betting on Rainbow Six Siege.

In addition to understanding the markets, keep in mind that some may be riskier than others. Future bets, for example, even with higher odds can bring more losses if not done strategically.

2. Play Rainbow Six

The best way to learn about an e-Sport is by playing.

So if you intend to make bets on Rainbow 6, play some matches to understand the dynamics of the game, its best operators, tactics and maps. It is also important to read about the main competitions and changes that may happen in the game to stay up to date.

Finally, you should study the teams, their performance in recent championships, and player changes.

Remember that in e-Sports, there is always one person behind the console and this makes all the difference in an operator's performance during a match.

3. Be Careful When Betting on Major Championships

The Six Invitational and the Majors are the biggest competitions in Rainbow Six. This is also when bookmakers offer the most markets and odds for the game. However, it is important to be careful when betting on these championships. After all, they are very competitive and odds can fluctuate more frequently.

Imagine it is like betting on the World Cup: the popularity is very high, the odds are much more aligned and it can be difficult to find valuable bets.

So if you are a beginner, start betting on smaller Rainbow Six leagues.

Betting in Rainbow Six is simple, as long as you understand well about FSP games. We hope this helps you understand the market a bit more, and remember, for sports betting, the best option is to open an account in the best betting software with no fee!
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