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How to Bet on LOL

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Feb 15, 2022
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You have surely heard about how eSports are growing all over the world, and how this sport is no longer a surprise to those who follow traditional sports, which is why bettingsoftware.com decided to talk about it today.

What you may not know yet is that you can bet online on eSports and make money online with your knowledge of electronic games.

Among the most popular eSports in the world is League of Legends, also known as LoL, which has millions of players all over the world.

The game developed by the company Riot Games has won many awards and has become increasingly attractive to the betting world.

What is League of Legends

League of Legends is an online game that brings together 10 people per match, five on each side. Each team is on one side of the map, and the goal of the game is to take over the rival team's base and destroy the crystal (called the Nexus) that is in the center of the base. It sounds simple, but it is much more complex than you might think.

There are more than 140 different characters that can be controlled by the players, called Champions. Each champion has a different characteristic and uses different items during the game, which makes the game extremely complex and fun.

At the height of its popularity, League of Legends had no less than 27 million players per day worldwide, a staggering number that demonstrates the power of the game that was inspired by DotA 2, but in terms of player numbers has already surpassed its rival.

Exploring the Markets

Below are some of the most interesting markets to bet on LOL:


Moneyline means betting on who will win an event. It is the most traditional market in sports betting. In League of Legends it works the same way. You select the team you believe will be victorious and place your bet.

Total Maps

The Total Maps obtained by a certain team is another good market. It is less predictable than Moneyline. Here you need to be even more careful when placing your bet. If you bet on the Total Maps Over 2.5, keep in mind that your bet will only win if the final score is 2-1 or 1-2. It is imperative that you know the teams and try to figure out which one has the best chance of a win. Once you have done this, check your previous games.

Analyze the data and determine if there is a pattern to this team's wins. See if they usually win every map, for example.

Winner of each map

In this market you can bet on each map played, because maybe a team is stronger in the first map and loses strength during the dispute, and with this information you can profit a lot.

Team with the most kills

This is perhaps the market that you will have the most difficulty finding in the bookmakers. It is still not very popular, unfortunately.
In each map you can bet on who will get the most kills. This is an interesting market to analyze the profile of each team, since some teams like to win quickly, even if they have fewer culls.

Exact Score

A challenging market, for those bettors who like a good adrenaline rush! After all, getting the result of a LoL match right is not easy. Especially if you don't know the different competitions. As stated above, the number of maps to win depends on each tournament.

A match is only finished when a team wins 3 maps. Therefore, the combinations of results do not vary much. In this sense it is an advantage to bet on the exact result in LoL compared to games like Basketball or even Soccer.

Map Handicap in LoL

Handicapping is a very common and sought after market for League of Legends bettors. It works similarly to what we see in other sports. You add an advantage or disadvantage to a team.

Usually the Handicap is added to the amount of maps. You can also find it related to the amount of kills, but it is rare.

It is important to note that the Handicap is different from competition to competition. In the case of the World Championship, teams need to win 3 maps to win the match. The minimum Handicap is - 1.5 and the maximum is + 4.5.

In competitions like the LVP Forge of Champions, which is smaller, the number of maps will also be smaller.

Live Betting

You can also bet live in LoL, that is, while the game is being played. So you can follow the broadcast of the match, either on Twich or at the betting site itself, and take advantage of the odds offered, making your analysis based on what you are watching.

Tips for Betting in LoL

The main tip we can give to League of Legends bettors is to watch as many matches as you can. But to make your job easier, we have created 4 steps to become an excellent bettor in this game.

1. choose 2 LoL competitions to focus on

The first step is to choose 2 LoL competitions and watch them as much as you can. Watch videos, retrospectives, highlights.

But why 2 and which ones should I choose?

The focus will be on one Minor and one Major competition. Minor will be a regional, which can be the CBLOL itself. The Major is basically the Mid-Season Invitational and the World Championship. We indicate the World Championship, because it is bigger.

Choosing the competitions is important because each tournament has its own rules. Therefore, there is no point in applying the same thinking to all of them. If you focus on one Minor and one Major, you can bet during the whole LoL season.

2. Search for News About Favorite Teams

Just as you watch the news to find out about your favorite team, do the same with League of Legends.

Today there are several portals on the Internet that constantly publish news about favorite LoL teams in various tournaments. If you are a well-informed bettor, you will know which games and which teams can bring more value to your bets.

In fact, it is only by knowing the teams that you can identify valuable bets at the bookmakers!

3. Follow LoL Streamers

Just as there are news portals about League of Legends, there are also streamers. Streamers are players who broadcast their matches.

Following these players is a way to learn about the game. And, by the way, get some good betting tips. Many of them are professionals and have even become champions in international tournaments.

4. Play League of Legends

Just like you go to the stadium to watch a soccer match, you read news about the sport. And sometimes you even hit a little ball.

So why not play League of Legends and get a feel for the game?

The game is completely free and can be officially downloaded from the Riot Games website.

No need to become a master of the game! Just play enough to understand the objectives. This will make it easier for you to choose the markets when betting.

We hope this will help you understand LOL a little better, and remember to open an account at the best betting software to make the most of your betting life!
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