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How to bet on Cards in Football

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Feb 15, 2022
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Betting on cards was frowned upon by bettors a while back, but recently it has become one of the most sought-after betting markets at bookmakers, and that's what bettingsoftware.com will be talking about today!
Card betting has been seen as an excellent opportunity to profit from online betting, and not for nothing. Can you remember a match that had no cards at all?
Well, in almost every match you will have cards distributed to both teams, depending on several factors that we will list in this article. Predicting who will receive the card, and the number of cards shown by the referee may be your new specialty, so stay tuned to this post!

The card market in soccer

The first step to start betting on cards is to understand what leads a player to receive a yellow card, or a red card. The two cards appear at very different times, and knowing a player's behavior is essential in predicting whether he will receive a card or not.

Yellow cards

The yellow card is shown in many different situations, such as in fouls in sequence, gross fouls, complaints, fouls that stop a promising attack, taking off the shirt when celebrating a goal, when the goalkeeper commits a penalty, when the ball hits a player's hand and deviates its trajectory, and in many other occasions.

Analyzing the players of the Brazilian team Palmeiras, for example, we see that striker Gabigol receives many yellow cards, because he often complains to the referees, who end up warning him with a card. Still in Flamengo, midfielder João Gomes also receives cards frequently, because he usually needs to stop opposing attacks with a foul.

Red Cards

Red cards are much rarer, but it is possible to predict them on several occasions. Referees avoid showing this card because it directly interferes with the result of the match, but it needs to be shown when there is physical aggression between players, very violent fouls, intentional handling of the ball, blatant swearing at the referee, fights between athletes, among other situations.

We also have to consider that two yellow cards lead to a red card.

In Fluminense's team we have the player Felipe Melo, known as Pitbull, who, time and again, is expelled from the field due to his more violent fouls than usual. As of the writing of this article, Felipe Melo has received 104 yellow cards and 13 red cards in his career.

Five tips to bet on cards

Now that you know the circumstances under which the two types of cards are shown to players, let's list five tips for you to bet on cards. As we already said, this market can be extremely profitable, as long as you learn how to analyze a match, and identify which variables can influence the outcome of your bet. The more variables you identify and analyze, the greater the chance of a good result, because in the world of sports betting, knowledge is money!

1. Background on each team

Each team has its own characteristics, and it is important that you identify these characteristics. You can analyze the number of cards each team usually carries on results and statistics websites.

2. Referee Statistics

This is a variable that many bettors forget to take into consideration, but which can completely change the course and outcome of a match, causing you to lose a bet for not having made a more careful analysis of the refereeing. Before betting on cards, check who will be the referee of the match, and check the statistics of this referee.

3. Pay special attention to regional classics

It is one thing to bet on cards in a friendly match between Brazil x Japan, but quite another to bet on cards in a match between Brazil x Argentina, which is almost never friendly. Probably the number of cards in the South American classic will be much higher, since there is a lot of history and rivalry involved when the two hermanos face each other.

4. Analyze the players of each team

Every team has that player who complains too much to the referee, who gets excited when a goal is scored and ends up taking off his shirt, that player who needs to stop the opponent's play with a foul, or even two players from opposite teams who have some kind of feud, and will certainly get on each other's nerves during the game. These players hardly pass a match without receiving a yellow card, or even a red card.

5. Betting live on cards

There's nothing better when it comes to betting than feeling the atmosphere of the game, and without watching the match it's very difficult to know how the atmosphere will be on the field. If you are watching a match, and you notice that the atmosphere is getting tense among the players, and fights may occur, analyze the odds to bet live on cards at your favorite betting site.

We hope this help's you to understand the card market a little better, and if you want to make the most of your betting life, make sure to open an account at the best betting software with no fees!
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