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Dec 21, 2022
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Liquidity is the vein of the trading platform, even crypto or other. If liquidity is less in exchange, users do not trade the platform. Do you know, How exchange platforms achieved high liquidity? Crypto market makers are making high liquidity to the exchange. Should you know more about the crypto market maker? Stay here. In this article, we’ll discuss the crypto market and how to help the exchange. Let’s go move into the topics..,

In simple words, the crypto market maker is the liquidity provider. A firm or individual is providing liquidity to the market and buying and selling the cryptocurrencies to traders. The market maker will be buying the cryptocurrencies from the seller and selling the cryptocurrencies to the buyers.

Roles and responsibilities in market maker​

  • Bid & ask for the cryptocurrencies
  • Understand the whole crypto market
  • Improve the liquidity
  • Depth of order books

Market maker Vs Automated market maker​

A market maker is a professional trader, who has a special license to increase liquidity. On the other hand, the decentralized exchange uses an automated protocol to increase the crypto asset prices and it happened in the mathematical equations. Like x*y=k.

How does a market maker help your cryptocurrency exchange?​

Manage the liquidity on a centralized exchange​

Manage order books​

Daily basics market makers buying and selling the cryptocurrencies in exchange, bid & ask prices are constantly increasing the platform. Like this investors do the platform liquidity easily and precisely increase.

Token prices & trade volume​

While Market makers continuously maintain liquidity in the crypto exchange, automatically token prices will increase, and when token prices are good, user engagement is numerous in the exchange, then trade volume improves.

Manage the liquidity on a decentralized exchange​

Price maintenance​

Market maker's main work is to protect tokens and always maintain the crypto prices high, don’t less them.

Setup control of the liquidity pool​

The liquidity pool is crucial in the crypto exchange, which increases the number of investors and traders. It will help the trade volumes.

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