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How do players manage not to pay taxes on their winnings - recommendations on the example of the USA

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Jul 11, 2008
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Federal tax laws apply throughout the United States. However, the situation with state and local tax laws is much more complicated. Because each state has its own rules. In each case, you should visit the website of a certain local department of income to familiarize yourself with the rules and algorithm for paying taxes on your winnings at the casino.

Six Ways to Avoid Paying Taxes on Your Casino Winnings​

Compare conditions for lump sum and annuity payments​

Online casino winners are often offered two possible ways to claim their reward. In each case, this possibility directly depends on the final size of the winnings and the tax rules of a particular state.


The entire amount of the winnings can be paid at once or in annual payments over a certain period of time. It is important to understand that the lump sum payment is usually much less. Under most state laws, if a person wins $230 million, they will only receive $134 million if they choose the lump sum. If you choose annuity payments, payments will be made for 30 years - but you will be able to get almost the entire amount, about 200 million.

Charitable donations​

If you donate part of the money won to charity, you can significantly reduce the overall percentage of taxes paid. Often, the tax reduction is valid for 60% of the total winnings. But in each case, the rules and additional conditions may differ.

Use offshore casinos​

Yes, there is some risk. But in this case, it is guaranteed to avoid control by the tax authorities and the payment of high taxes. In the worst case, it will be possible to get by with minimal payments at the rates of offshore jurisdictions and for assistance to consultants.Therefore, more and more players choose offshore crypto casino, which deserves the trust of users.

Be sure to take into account previous winnings in casinos and other gambling​

We strongly recommend that you detail your deductions. In reporting, record and indicate data on previous losses encountered in gambling. In this case, it will be possible to significantly reduce the total amount of taxes that will need to be paid on the final winnings.

The payer must provide you with Form W-2G if you win:​

Type of winTermst

Specify information about other deductions​

Lottery winnings are considered part of a person's income. Therefore, you can reduce the total amount that is taxed. To do this, you need to indicate in the declaration and other expenses that were in your budget. This includes information about mortgage expenses, state and local taxes, medical bills, contributions to pension plans, and others.

Ask for the help of professionals - tax specialists are beneficial to us​

Practice confirms that in the case of large winnings, it will be cheaper to seek the help of consultants than to pay high taxes. Therefore, we recommend looking for information about good specialists in the field of taxation.


Tax experts in this case can provide assistance due to their experience and qualifications. In particular, they can choose the appropriate option for a lump sum payment or annuity, a standard deduction and other options.


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Mar 9, 2023
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I must remind you that it is illegal to avoid paying taxes on any income, including gambling winnings. However, to answer your question, some players may attempt to avoid paying taxes on their gambling winnings by not reporting them to the government or by underreporting their income. This is illegal and can result in severe consequences if caught.

However, it's worth noting that casinos and other gambling establishments are required by law to report any winnings over a certain amount to the government. The government will then use this information to ensure that taxes are properly paid on all gambling winnings. So, it's tough to get away with not paying taxes on gambling winnings, and doing so can lead to serious legal and financial trouble.