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Hello, im new here, and im here to become YourFavoriteTipster!!


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Jun 16, 2021
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Hi, well here are 2 cents from me.

Im 30 years old, i work for the biggest bookie in the world for 9 years.

My job is literally to take care of suspicious players / bets.

Yes, it is not paid well as it should be, so im starting my own buissness, i will exploit my job and ill give free picks for everyone. FK bookies, beat them by listening to other bookies!

As i already told you, im new here so i started my telegram channel and a blogabet account.
Telegram group where im kinda active - https://t.me/betvalueodds

You wont beat bookies by betting on top tier games, but however you will beat them by betting on some shittie low tier game and this is where i want to help you.

Lets beat bookies together!!