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George Fr.

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Apr 18, 2024
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Hello, I am George a web developer from Greece.

I was searching for some articles about AI Football Predictions & Bettings Tips, and I came across this forum which I found nice and wanted to join and share my own recent project!

Since November 2023, my team and I have developed a website that uses AI technology to make predictions for football games (Final results, Over 2,5 goals, Over 3,5 goals, and Both teams to score). It provides predictions and value bets for Today, Tomorrow, and keeps an archive of all past dates for your reference to see how it performed. All the predictions are being provided daily and are free.

On average, it performs 65–70% accuracy on the predictions it provides.

You can find the link below:

Thank you all in advance, and again it's nice to join the Community!