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Good alternative Skrill and NELLELLER - payment system ecoPayz


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Jan 18, 2019
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Clients of the British payment system ecoPayz have a unique opportunity to work with the account thanks to the company Weenax. We monthly return to your account up to 1% of all deposits from the wallet in any of the merchants:
- bookmakers offices;
- online casino;
- poker room;
- Forex brokers.

Thus, part of the money is guaranteed to return to the account, regardless of how you dispose of them on another site. The cashback is credited from the 15th to the 25th day of each calendar month.

The amount of remuneration is determined based on the total amount of deposits made during the month.
- up to € 50k - 0.6%
- from € 50 thousand to € 100 thousand - 0.8%;
- from 100 thousand - 1%.
The minimum cashback amount is $ 5, and the maximum amount is unlimited. If you have not collected $ 5 in a month, the cashback is not charged.

You have 1000 dollars. For example, for 1 month you can "roll" this money 20 times. Ie replenished - removed - replenished, and so on. The total amount of deposits per month is obtained - $ 20,000 x 0.6% = $ 120.
And what did we get in the end? Having only 1000 dollars, you receive for a month - 12% of passive earnings! Not bad money for such a small bank, right?

Consider a slightly different option.
You have $ 5,000 in your hands. “Scrolling” this money even 11 times in a month (in order to get a higher return percentage) - the total amount of deposits in a month will be 55,000 dollars x 0.8% = 440 dollars.
Ie having $ 5,000 - your real passive income is $ 440!

When working with us, you also get free:
- Gold status for your ecoPayz account,
-the ability to pass verification in 2 hours,
-free transfers within the system,
-the ability to replenish your account using Bitcoin for free,
- full support with our VIP-managers who will quickly solve your problem and much more.

This expands the capabilities of the wallet, reduces commissions, raises limits (and sometimes removes them completely).
For a regular user, obtaining the status takes a lot of time and effort (you need to replenish the account from the card with a total of € 2,500 and make deposits from the wallet in total with € 25,000) Instead, it is better to submit an application in Weenax and on preferential terms get the maximum status - VIP (replenishing the total of € 10,000 for any term).
Both Gold and VIP are issued for life, and not for a limited time, as in other payment systems.
For all questions regarding ecoPayz, contact Weenax Technical Support. It provides an individual approach to all issues and will become a real guide in the world of payment systems.

> Become a member of the Weenax loyalty program and receive substantial passive income - ask me how

Our contacts:
Website - https://weenax.com
Support Mail - support@weenax.com
Cooperation and any suggestions - partners@weenax.com
Telegram - @psv23
How to replenish Skrill, NETELLER, ecoPayz, when Russian banks block transactions

Replenishment of foreign gambling platforms, as well as payment systems Skrill, NETELLER, ecoPayz through Russian banks is already banned. What banks are still conducting transactions and are there any translation options?

This and a number of other questions - we have tried to answer you in more detail here.
Hello everyone, guys!)

If you are actively involved in betting, or perhaps you have friends who are familiar with, who are also involved in other types of gambling business: friends: - we are open to any kind of cooperation.

More details about the partnership with the company Weenax - here.

P.s Write - we will offer good conditions;)
Good day to all! :)

I want to remind that we offer our customers (absolutely free, by the way
- simplified (without selfies) and accelerated verification (2 hours), cashback, ongoing support in working with the account (and possible controversial situations).

Also note that we have cashback for Skrill and NETELLER users. And do not forget that we are always ready to discuss cooperation on very good conditions!
Come in - everyone will be happy!
Important information!

As many of you already know, ecoPayz doesn’t have direct withdraw by card details. BUT a bank account is attached to each card to which you CAN withdraw money. And they will come straight to your card.

How to do it and what are the nuances in this process - all the answers to the questions here
Hello! 😇

Many are concerned about the question: "Will Roskomnadzor block VPN?"

Roskomnadzor (RKN) turned to ten VPN services with the requirement to connect to the blocking of banned sites. Services that refuse to cooperate, Roskomnadzor promised to block.

More details - ask me here 😉
Fiery greetings to all! ;)

As we all know, the Constitution, as well as the pirate code of Morgan and Bartholomew, is a recommendation. It is not yet clear: either the original carriers of such a point of view fall into power, or law-abiding citizens go to the dark side, getting into power. But it's not about that.

In March 2019, Roskomnadzor rammed over 3,000 gambling sites. Even resources on which slot machines, bookmakers offices and at least something connected with gambling were mentioned were blocked.

We want to present you the current situation that is happening in our market - here is more)
Greetings to all!☺

Especially for you, we have prepared an article about why Banks are too actively blocking customer accounts.

Any banking operations related to money or property in the Russian Federation are governed by the Federal Law of 07.08.2001 N 115-?? “On Counteracting Legalization (Laundering) of Criminally Income and the Financing of Terrorism”.
More details - ask me here 🙃
Hello! 😎

We consider the actual question: "How to pay the tax on winnings in the bookmaker's office in Russia?"

If you want to make bets and withdraw money in full accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, this instruction is for you. It will help to avoid problems with tax or banks by paying taxes and issuing a completely white income.

Reveal a useful secret in this article 😇
Hi! 😌

We remind you that with us, our customers receive free accelerated verification for 2 hours (it is simplified - without a selfie).

If you have any questions about the passage of verification-that we have on the site works operational technical support, which will help you to prompt and solve your questions 🙃
Plus with us you will receive cashback up to 1% and gold status after verification)
Hello! :cool:

We have prepared a very interesting news for you:"Telegram Token is the most expected token of 2019".

The new cryptocurrency project of Pavel Durov (Yes, the one that "made" VK first, and then Telegram) has been on the ear for a long time. Dispel the same speculation and put everything on the shelves – it's time to understand in detail what is a Telegram token!

Read more about this on our website😸
Greetings to all! 👋

Important information!

A new way - how to transfer money to ecoPayz by phone number.

The ecoPayz payment system regularly expands the functionality of your personal account, making it easier and more convenient. From July 1, 2019, Ekopase users had the opportunity to send money within the payment system only to a phone number ...

All about this information you read on our website or write to us in the chat :)
Good day! :D
An interesting article on the topic: "the Advantages of electronic payment systems over other payment methods"
For those who live in the era of the Internet and global digitalization, we will talk about electronic payment systems. They are full of advantages and almost devoid of disadvantages...
All information on this topic on our website and many other interesting topics. Come and find out ;))
Hi, everyone!
Funding your ecoPayz account by using the terminal or Qiwi account!

Long-awaited, positive news for all ecopayz users!
A new option is available refill ecoPayz via Qiwi terminal, it needs :
Find your terminal
Enter the ecopayz account number you want to Deposit, click “next”
Enter the phone number that is attached to the account.
The maximum Deposit amount is 15 000 rubles.
Deposit money in the terminal and click on the payment confirmation.
You can pick up the Deposit receipt by check or choose “send to email”

The money goes to the account within 3-10 minutes to the account ecoPayz. Upon receipt of money to the account, a Commission of up to 5% of the Deposit amount is deducted.
Replenishment of the terminal involves replenishment in local currency, therefore, to avoid conversion, open an account in ecoPayz in local currency and when replenishing through the terminal, specify the account number ecoPayz, in local currency.

If you have registered your account with ecoPayz Weenax us at the website clicked on “create account”, you perceival on the registration form ecoPayz, after you have filled the application form on the website, input the account number ecoPayz and e-mail, which was specified during registration, you received the instruction on verification, passed it and received the status of a Cold. With VIP status Gold conversion 1,49%!

You can also Fund your ecoPayz account from your personal Cabinet Qiwi:

Go to your personal account with a PC or mobile application.
Select “payments and transfers”, in them ecoPayz.
Enter the account number ecoPayz, which we want to replenish.
Choose a payment method and confirm the payment.
The maximum amount of replenishment is 15 000 rubles.
Time of receipt of money is not ecopayz account from 3 to 10 minutes
Upon receipt of the Deposit to the account ecoPayz, will be charged a Commission of 5% of the amount and conversion, according to the status of your account, if any.

For any questions, please contact us in the chat on our website ;)
Important and interesting news:"Registration of clients of Russian bookmakers is simplified".
The law on the abolition of double identification for online users of bookmakers signed by the Russian President. According to experts, the innovation will increase the customer base and loyalty of fans of interactive bets to domestic operators...
Read more on our website :)
Heartfelt greetings to all!
Again, we have prepared an article for you: "Why foreign payment systems are more reliable than domestic ones"
Cases of fraud on the Internet so much that it is almost impossible to insure against them completely. Since the purpose of fraud – stealing money, payment systems have always been and remain the object of attention of fraudsters...
Visit our website for detailed details of this information ;)

Cool news: "Replenishment of Ecopayz via Contact!"

Ecopayz payment system offers users of the Russian Federation various ways to recharge, among which there is a new opportunity — through the money transfer system Contact...

Visit us and learn how to do it ;)