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Gillingham Vs Southend United 2/14 3:45AM GMT+8


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Aug 18, 2011
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ENGLISH LEAGUE 2: 12 BEt odds Gillingham Vs Southend United 2/14 3:45AM GMT+8

Gillingham are far away from the play-offs spots, but are making 3 straight loses run, and will want to take positive result in front of home crowd. They lost their last 2 matches creating huge goal festivals , both lost with same result 4:3. Southend got 5 overs in their last 6 games. They are still in the fight for the straight promotion but took only poin from their last 4 games. Southend are just 3 points less than the current leaders so this game will be very important for them and their main aim.


1x2 odds offered at 12 BET

Gillingham : 2.52
Southend United : 2.70
Draw : 3.19