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Giant bonus from Betin


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Jan 3, 2015
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Have you seen the giant welcome bonus that Betin offers? It is 100% match deposit bonus up to 100 GBP. Did any of you completed the terms and received it in full option? :) I wondered how it is done there and it is worth trying... I suppose it is another way of attracting the newbie clients.
Is this offer still available? Any updates, please
The post is dated March 2,2015 and it's now 2016 so the offer is now gone. Too bad we missed a great offer from betin which we can use up. Hope betin offer the same offer they did or even better this year, it would be very attractive to get the offer.
this is pretty common as for me to close bookmakers doors
Hi folks,
I'd like to remind you that Betin is now Superbetin. The website is becoming more and more popular in Turkey, providing outstanding sports betting experience. You might have missed the bonus @Lenny talked about, but there are many other bonuses to consider. So why don't you sign up to Superbetin now and benefit from the wide range of bonuses that the company offers :)
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thanks viptip, just to ask please, do you work with vip-ibc? from your name i assume you work with them, i have an account there and everything is going on well, so if you work with them, thumps up. please tell me the conditions for the other ones you mentioned above, do you recommend them?
thanks but vip-ibc has the odds of betfiar so i wil continue using it for now until i change my mind i will seek advice here
thanks but vip-ibc has the odds of betfiar so i wil continue using it for now until i change my mind i will seek advice here
hi, can you please tell me more about this Vip-ibc you mentionned? is it some type of molybet software? combining odds from different bookmakers? I used to have one of those in the past and my current betting strategy requires me to have best odds always! so throw more light on this please.
exactly kenn, it's a software which has offers from top books, this way I always get the highest odds and limits, i'll login now and show you how it looks like, but please share also your strategy with me, how good is it? you seem to be a Pro bettor!