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Get 5$ for free in your paypal account

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Jul 11, 2008
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Want to get some easy money in your paypal account? Simply share(public post) our sister website in your facebook and we will send you the funds in 24 hours.

Link to share: https://www.gamblingsafe.net/online-bookmaker-reviews/bet365-bookmaker-review.html

1: No fake facebook profiles.
2: Share the post publicly so I can verify.
3: Accounts that have over 300 facebook friends will get the full 5$, between 100-300 facebook friends get 4$.
4: Make your friends list public at least until I can check the number of your friends. You can do that from setting-privacy.

If you don't want to share your facebook account here pm me. Feel free to share this promotion with your friends so they can also receive the bonus.
I have 1k Facebook Friends. Could you please tell me if i can get more bonus?