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Football Pools System


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Dec 30, 2019
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The Football Pools Coupon fixtures are what I personally use to predict draw outcome for the English and Australian football matches.
Presently, we are on to the English Football Season for now and I've been making good predictions that sometimes result to draw matches.
For example, last weekend, I predicted a draw between Fleetwood vs Bristol Rovers which actually ended 0-0.
This prediction is based on Pools Coupon Colour System for this Football Season:
Every Brown Colour Coupon Fixture, the following numbers to draw in ascending order....
In Week 5(first brown colour coupon), Coupon number 20xx drew
In week 9 coupon number 21xx drew.
In week 13 coupon number 22xx drew
In week 17 coupon number 23xx drew
In week 21 coupon number 24xx drew
In week 25 which is last weekend, the teams that were posted on Coupon Number 25xx Fleetwood vs Bristol Rovers drew 0-0 as the Coupon System predicted. We have another system for this weekend.
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More coming!