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Football passion


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Feb 13, 2022
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Football passion is the greatest thing a club or a football fan can have. I have it myself. Im a football fan and the sport is my life. Whenever the team i support wins or i hear good news about it im delighted. The fans, carry this sport. Sadly, money is ruining this sport, but i know that fans are the strongest wing in this sport. The emotion, the happiness, the sadness, the dissapointment, they all define this sport. The one that doesnt watch football will regret. Thats why its called the beautiful game. I am a barca fan, i have gone through happiness,excitement, teary times, dissapointment, all football fans are living it in their hearts, they are feeling the joy of the sport. When Barca lost the second leg at Anfield (4-0) by being up by 3 goals, i was crying but was amazed by the atmosphere there. The fans were amazing, the way they sung the anthem, oh my. Im sad till this day but, thats football.You have to love it, no matter at what path it goes. 😃