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Favorite PC Game ?


Nov 14, 2008
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My all time favorite is Mafia. Im the end of the game I had tears in my eyes. What a story, what a graphic(for 2002, and even now). I expect Mafia 2 with a lot of expectations.
My first and last game was Counter Strike. I played from internet clubs in the late 99 and then bought computer to play from home. I never played other game more than 1-2 days. Cstrike is forever in my heart.
Tomb Raider.. Need for Speen Porsche
The best in their category
Mario and Road-race is my favorite PC game.... i like to play some other games too.
agatha, christie, death on the nile. and big sity adventure-sydny are my favorite PC game.
My favorite pc game is call of duty , gta4, fifa 2010, and the best of all counter strike 1.6 online , really enjoying while playing this game.
GTA San Andreas...all time favourite. It's the most complex game I've ever played. After that, I prefer the NFS series.
Mafia, the first game was really great, the second.. humm, its good but having to pay for downloadable content sucks, it should have been in the game from the start. The game finished just for 10 hours, I have a feeling they cut parts from it to sell it later as dlc.
oh i love the sims series... currently playing sims castaway.
totally freaking me out for i almost spend my time playing this.
well, it's worth doing it for i enjoyed much.
I am playing Call of duty right now and its great, not the best game in terms of gameplay, but the graphics are really great.
I'd have to say The Orange Box, which isn't really one game but five in one: Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and 2, Portal, and Team Fortress.

The Half-Life series (and especially the story arc of number 2 and its Episodes) are quite possibly one of the most revolutionary games ever to touch the PC. With amazing interactivity, ground breaking graphics, and an epic storyline, they take the cake in terms of, well, almost everything.

Team Fortress is fun, but what really makes Orange Box stand out is Portal. A short, rather simple game, it bends the mind as you jump through portals and solve complex puzzles. It sounds sort of stupid, but you really have to play it to understand its addicting nature. It's quite funny as well.
I agree about Half Life, it was revolutionary with the movement of everything in the game, it looks very realistic.
Half Life 1 was mindblowing when it came out. Other big faves are System Shock and Deus Ex. The later is getting a sequel this year, looking forward to that. Also big on racing games, I even had someone over myhammer make me a racing seat for my FF wheel when GT4 was released. Yes, I'm a nerd. Other than that, Fifa 11 right now ;).
I play Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 since 2002. The game has pretty nice graphics and very exciting especially when you bomb your enemies camp that you see them rush everywhere.
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