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Falconbet Casino with 100% bonus up to €300


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Nov 27, 2019
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Falconbet introduces the new and improved casino games and live casino games. As part of the rebranding efforts to make the website even more user-friendly and easier to navigate, the Falconbet website has also redesigned the casino and live casino section of the website. With the vast collection of games as well as €300 first deposit casino bonus, the player is sure of a good time once they tap the casino button on the Falconbet website.

The Falconbet live casino offers games including blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, and so much more. Players can get €15 live casino bonus by claiming the bonus while making their first deposit.

Falconbet entered into Gambling market back in 2012 and kept silent for some unknown reasons. But if they floated on the surface until now, that already means something.