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Fading the public in sports betting

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Jul 11, 2008
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What does fading the public mean?​

People like to go with favorites or hyped teams/players, it looks "safer" in their eyes. Because of course, the favorites are going to win? Right?
Well, not always! If this was the truth, then every average Joe was going to get rich from sports betting. The truth cannot be further away, the public favorites do not guarantee a profit in the long run.
Yes, these teams are more consistent and bettors consider it safer than risking a bet on the underdog. These teams are still going to win more than often but we are looking for a value bet. A bet that will give you a better chance to profit in the long term.
Fading the public means going against public opinion. You have to pick exactly the opposite of the team that is talked to win.

Identifying the public favorite​

Identifying the public favorite is the most important part of this strategy. Reading articles online, or checking the opinion of people at forums like Betting Forum might help you to achieve that.

Fading a bettor​

Perhaps you know a bettor that has an awful losing record? Is it appropriate to fade him and always choose the opposite bet of his? Personally, I have never tried this strategy as I like to put thought into my bets, but this might be something we need to investigate further.

Fading yourself

Perhaps you are an awful bettor and you are losing money(which is 99% of the bettors). Have you thought about fading yourself? This guy surely has.

bettor begging to be faded