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F. Tiafoe vs A. Seppi – 18/01/2019, match preview.


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Jan 8, 2019
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F. Tiafoe vs A. Seppi one more great match of the 1/16 – Finals at Australian Open Grand Slam Tournament taking place in Australia. Both talented players will play in a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below.

Francis Tiafoe
Francis Tiafoe is a great and talented young player with lots of abilities in the pocket. However, he finished last season very unsuccessfully with only 4 wins of 18. At Next Gen Finals Tiafoe won only young Polish H. Hurkacz and lost to J. Munar and S. Tsitsipas those who were more prepared to this tournament. Tiafoe won the second match at Australian Open Grand Slam Tournament against experienced K. Anderson in 4 sets, furthermore, Tiafoe showed great tennis and game that he can play. After losing the first set, Tiafoe showed a desire to make a comeback and he got it. Francis likes to attack near the net, he has a strong serve and returns against strong servers, in addition like to play short games trying to attack aggressively with a backhand. However, American making lots of mistakes and sometimes rush into a decision, but it could be because he is very fast.

Andreas Seppi
Andreas Seppi is another greatly experienced player from the past with a big history in the past. He started a professional career in 2002 and since that he became popular and one of the tennis players who feared even the best ones. His best rank was 18th in ATP Rating in the year 2013, when he played in five semi-finals. Seppi has confidently won at Australian Open Grand Slam already two matches against S. Johnson and J. Thompson. A. Seppi likes to play long rallies trying to force opponents mistake, in addition, Italian have a great serve. Every shot Andreas trying to play as tactically and as accurately as possible, however, he is not fast enough to shot back strong shots.

Players didn’t meet before. Both of them are really interesting players with a different style of game.

Victory will depend on who is more lucky, accurate and fast. We see a very tight match with possible tie-breaks or comebacks.