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Europa League Tips Round 8 2nd game

Discussion in 'UEFA Europa League cup' started by betcatalog, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. betcatalog

    betcatalog Professional Bettor

    Oct 31, 2016
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    Arsenal, if serious, will have no problem, CSKA Moscow will fight it with all its strengths, the two teams have defensive gaps and can the match become a goal goal
    CSKA MOSCOW vs ARSENAL FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.50

    Atletico Madrid is an expert and knows how to get a knockout qualifier with a key component of her defensive play, I think he will not have a problem and today he will close the room and erase the pace, the few goals
    SPORTING CP vs ATLETICO MADRID @@ +2.50 Under, odds 2.50

    Still not judged completely by the couple, I expect to be open again with many goals and phases, so I will go with the many goals
    FC SALZBURG vs SS LAZIO ROMA @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65