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Europa League 2017/2018

Discussion in 'UEFA Europa League cup' started by tip74, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. tip74

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    Mar 9, 2012
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    FK Atlantas v Kairat Almaty

    (Kairat Almaty coach confirmed some changes for this game.)

    FK Atlantas: Panyukov (14/11 f, top scorer), Dmitriev (14/4 m, 2nd top scorer), Obivalin (14/1 d), Pilibaitis (15/3 m)(all left the club), Bartkus (15/0 m, captain), Freidgeimas (4/0 m)

    Kairat Almaty: Zhukov (18/0 m), Islamkhan (18/7 m, 2nd top scorer), Markovic (9/2 d)

    MFK Ruzomberok v FK Vojvodina

    (Nenad Vanić is new coach of FK Vojvodina.)

    MFK Ruzomberok (last season): Kružliak (26/2 d, probably out), Ďubek (27/4 m, left the club)

    FK Vojvodina (last season): Antić (35/0 d), Stamenić (5/0 m), Bubalo (f, newcomer)

    Bangor City v Lyngby BK

    Bangor City: no absences

    Lyngby BK (last season): Hallgrímur Jónasson (21/1 d, suspended), Jens Odgaard (16/3 f), Mathias Tauber (25/1 d, captain)

    Cork City v Levadia Tallinn

    Cork City: Alan Bennett (14/0 d, doubtful), Johnny Dunleavy (12/2 m), John Kavanagh (2/0 d)

    Levadia Tallinn: Luc Tabi (8/0 d, suspended), Svjatoslav Jakovlev (10/3 m), Igor Morozov (0/0 d)

    Derry City v FC Midtjylland

    Derry City: Barry McNamee (17/7 m, 2nd top scorer), Dean Jarvis (19/2 d)(both doubtful), Aaron Barry (18/1 d), Conor McDermott (16/1 d)

    FC Midtjylland (last season): Rasmus Nicolaisen (34/2 d), Filip Novák (34/5 d), Jonas Borinng (34/4 m), Rafael van der Vaart (15/2 m)

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