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Does anyone know this casino game?


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Feb 9, 2020
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It is very popular in Vietnam and China, I think it needs the same level like blackjack game.


The name is "Xóc Đĩa" Vietnamese.
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I saw this girls on the TV, it is a popular game known by many asian people. I love to watch different TV shows related to gambling. Also there are bloggers on Youtube that are making videos about bookmaking and how they are making money. I am also a gambler for many years. I was playing slots in real casinos and I had a lot of fun. Now because of pandemics I found some online amusements which can make me feel better.
I've watched it, actually, the game itself is really interesting
It looks like something Chinese, maybe it's some kind of analogue of baccarat.
In general, gambling in Vietnam is illegal and restricted for all citizens. However, Vietnamese citizens can still play at online casinos registered by foreign authorities and jurisdictions.
Yes, that's correct registering at a foreign online bookmaker who has the license to operate is indeed possible. But you might still need to use a VPN to access these sites.
I came across this post and thought it'd be a good idea to chime in and revive this thread. I'm not personally familiar with "Xóc Đĩa," but it sounds interesting! I'm always curious to learn about new games, especially popular ones in different countries. Have you had a chance to play it before?
I haven't come across a bookie offering this game yet. But L'm very curious about how the game works