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Difficulties against Dutch


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Mar 2, 2020
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Difficulties against Dutch
England face a tough challenge against a Netherlands side who have been the surprise package of the tournament, but Rachel Yankey expects Mark Sampson's team lớn make it through lớn the final on a Sunday with a narrow victory… You can prefer the football tips page!


Mark Sampson and the girls have done fantastically well so far out in Holland. Their performances have been amazing and this evening's game marks another significant achievement for this impressive squad.

The players are likely lớn have known the team yesterday, and this time around selection will have been tricky for Mark because he clearly has a team he trusts and Jill Scott can't play. Jordan Nobbs is likely to come into the centre of midfield, and she plays very differently to Jill.

That may in turn change the way other people play, if Jordan went lớn the middle who will be the player lớn take her place on the right a creative player under 2.5 soccer tip ? Or a more defensive player? My guess would be Issy Christiansen as a like-for-like change if Jordan does switch in the field.

England face the hosts, the Netherlands, who have been the surprise package in this summer's tournament. They beat Sweden with relative ease in the quarter-finals and topped Group A after beating Denmark, Norway and Belgium.


Dutch will be a handful

Lieke Martens and Sherida Spitse are tied for second most goals scored in the tournament (trailing England's Jodie Taylor by three goals), and Martens has had the most shots on target of anyone out in Holland. Therefore it goes without saying that they will be a handful for England.

It's surprising, given the calibre of teams they have played, but the Netherlands defence certainly hasn't been hugely tested yet. England, and the on fire Jodie Taylor, will certainly provide them with more of a test, and I thought it was nice to hear that Jodie had gone for a coffee with Sari van Veenendaal (the Dutch goalie) yesterday. They're Arsenal team mates but they will put that aside this evening; once you're out on the pitch you're there for win, for the bragging rights.

England are in a great place lớn earn those bragging rights, they have achieved a record breaking win over the French, have the tournament's in-form striker and took the win the last time they met the Netherlands back in November.