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Current betting contests with prizes 2013

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Jul 11, 2008
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- We are focusing on the weekly contest. 10$ every week(when there are Primera liga matches). Join the Fantasy Betting http://www.betting-forum.com/fantasybetting/
Click join on this pool - 2013/2014 Primera Liga - 10$ weekly to first user. After that "Manage your picks" in the upper menu. You will see selections of Primera liga matches, you have to choose between Home team, draw and Away team. Click on "Choose your picks" thats highlighted in red. After you make your selections click save at the bottom.
The weekly winner will have to register at Intertops and tell us his user id. We will notify intertops after that and they will give you 10$ to use in their sportsbook. In case of two or three people that have the same number of correct picks the award will be split between them. This is only the beginning and in the future we plan larger prizes if a lot of people participate.
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That's a great contest!! I like picking in Liga primera :D

BTW what's the rollover of $10 intertops bonus??
The First Week is now officially completed. @SmaLL wins with 8 picks out of 10 matches!
Congratulations. You should register at Intertops through this link and send me your username so I can forward it to Intertops stuff to credit you. The award is guaranteed by us.
To the rest, don't forget that week 2 closes this Friday, pick your matches and you will have chance to win 10$ again. Good luck.
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Intertops player to player transfer funds didn't work for me and I sent to @r0nald1nh0 20$ through neteller for his win on the Fantasy Betting Game and virtual bookmaker.

Thanks again :) Pretty big hit rate this round, of course mainly thanks to the big favorites not playing against each other. Amazing come-back from Real Madrid with 2 goals in the last minutes, odds were 101 in Bet365 after Levante scored for 2:1.