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Country restriction from bookmakers


Oct 28, 2021
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Hallo guys. im new into betting and i would love to start arbitrage betting but it seems that most major bookmakers with the odds that im in need for the arbitrage are restriced in my country(greece). i know that i can get access to them by using VPN but im wondering if there is any way i can create an account with them or if there is any "middle man" "middle site" that can bet on those sites for me. any help would be greatfully taken. thanks
Hi. It's better to just use vpn. As I understand it, these restrictions apply only to countries with a high risk of fraud, so you can`t remove the restrictions.
You can either use a VPN or go throught the service of a professional betting agent such as bet-ibc or asian connect. They can open for you accounts in most of the top rated bookies.