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Champions League 11 Mar 2021


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Oct 31, 2016
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It is difficult to support Liverpool to impose themselves at the moment, but as long as Leipzig can not reduce the mistakes that cost them so dearly, then we can see an open match. Leipzig must play with passion and aggression, as it needs two goals to have hopes of qualifying. Both teams have excellent offensive lines and can offer us a great match with goals.
LIVERPOOL vs RB LEIPZIG @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.70

Barcelona's defensive stability has been very good lately, but if the visitors do not seek to score in this game, they will be excluded from the sequel. Such an approach could prove to be completely ineffective or utterly deadly against the impressive Paris Saint-Germain and its attackers. The repetition of the 2016-17 upset is nothing more than a dream, which should avoid another blow. I think we will easily have more than two goals.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN vs BARCELONA @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.45