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BETVERIFIED.com - Be smart, trust only verified tipsters

Nov 8, 2016
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Dear betting-forum members,

We are pleased to announce that we have opened a new verified betting site BETVERIFIED.com, which has some advantages compared to others.
Tipsters are welcome to try our service for the next few months for free.


Are you a tipster, but you are experiencing
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Betverified.com was created for you in order to
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We would like to thank the administrators that we are able to present our verified service here on betting-forum.com

Have a lovely day,
Betverified Customer Service

Verification on Betverified.com is FREE of charge. Before the registration please send us a short description about your service (What sports do you cover? How many picks do you release per month? …)
If you have a website or if you are verified by one of the other paid verified services, please send us the link where it can be seen.
One person can manage only one account. Please let us know if you have a valid reason to manage more accounts.

Have a lovely day,
Betverified customer service
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Recently joined tipsters. Some of them came from the other verified services.


Serious tipsters, you are welcome to join us free of charge!
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The hockey season will continue, a great start for me on the wonderful resource betverified.com

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Grizzly Wolfsburg - ERC Ingolstadt 2:0 good victory for us! This week I sent a little advice, my experience told me it makes no sense to rush and send something just for the sake of quantity.

All tips are verified! I use only Pinnacle
Well the most important thing is all this is free just write me at zlfra41@gmail.com and I will add you to my free mailing list

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Hi, the new hockey season 2020-2021 will begin soon. It will run from August 10 to the end of April. I cover some European hockey leagues, friendly games, Champions League, various tournaments... I always have high-quality insider information, helping me to be successful!

Hockey Insider Information,
I use the best bookmaker Pinnacle, but you can also find all hockey events at your local bookmaker or other bookmaker.

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My profile verified, and statistics for the last season hockey 2019-2020 are here

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Package 1
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31 day subscription: 50 €

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Hello, the new hockey season will start very soon, I will be back on August 1 and will be very motivated and active this season we are waiting for 9 months of hockey, all championships and tournaments as well as the Ice Hockey Champions League.

You can see all verified statistics for the last two seasons here https://betverified.com/profile/?serviceid=1024&servicename=werew
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