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Betting at Royal Ascot: It’s the Tote – but not as you knew it


Jun 14, 2022
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This week’s Royal Ascot will be the biggest meeting yet for the New Tote, as the pool-betting operator gathers serious momentum, with the UK pool turnover up 50% year-on-year to date. You can bet into the international pool at Royal Ascot www.tote.co.uk.

And it’s not hard to see why. Results from the Cazoo Derby highlighted that – after major product developments in the last year - the Tote is now a crucial weapon in any punter’s armoury.

At Epsom:

Tote Win beat SP in 11 of the 14 races

Tote total Win overround was 105% - competitive with the exchanges - vs SP overround of 116%

Tote Exacta beat CSF on 11 out of 14 races and Tote Trifecta beat Tricast on 6 out of 9 races

The Derby itself was the biggest win pool for a race (£5.2M Net Pools, and over £6.3m Gross Turnover)

In the 10 minutes leading up to a race, the Pool is the only venue punters can regularly access market-beating prices. This is “Tote Time”; and becoming much-used by big punters who simply can’t “get on” with many fixed-odds operators. Conversely, the Tote accepts bets of up to £20,000 and never closes accounts just because a punter is winning. At the Tote, winners are truly welcome.

At Royal Ascot and other major meetings, there are also free-to-enter, play-to-earn daily betting tournaments: the Tote offers cash prizes throughout the day via its leaderboard tournaments which are accompanied by a live blog from professional punters. This week, the tournament offers both cash prizes and even a trip to the Arc De Triomphe for the overall winner, as well as the top 10 players each day qualifying for the £50,000 World Pool Series Champions Tournament on British Champions Day. Harry Findlay won the Aintree renewal – see if you can beat Harry and 2,000 other punters over Royal Ascot week.

Tote Racing Director, Jamie Hart, explains: “The stats are speaking for themselves – the Tote is now really picking up the pace and delivering large, liquid pools for punters. Given the figures produced at the Cazoo Derby weekend I am very confident we will continue breaking records throughout Royal Ascot. From highly competitive overrounds, to a seriously easy-to-use App and exciting live betting tournaments, we are simply unrecognisable from previous incarnations of pool betting in the UK.”