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Betfair trading explained


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Feb 12, 2022
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What is Betfair trading?

Trading is a powerful technique in sports bets. When you trade-in sports bets you don't need to wait until the end of the game. You have the opportunity to trade during the game and have a winning profit or you can trade and have winnings even before the game start. This can happen when you place a bet and after some time the odds of your bettings go down. Then you can make a successful deal and secure your match. Let's see this with an example. When you look at the betting exchange market in Betfair you will see odds for back and lay. There was an under/over match with the following odds:

betfair trading

When you place a bet with the amount X on the back odds then you will win X*1.77. The Lay odds have a different meaning. When you place a bet on the Lay odds this means placing a bet against the Back, so the result has to be NOT UNDER. These odds show you how much you have to bet to get the amount X. For example, when you want to win 10 you have to place 7.90 (on the back: 1.79). The total getting amount we will get is 10+7.90=17.90.

How does trading work?

Trading on the sports bets exchange market gives you 2 opportunities for success.

1. Waiting for a good opportunity and trading the bet at the right time. That seems like trading in a stock market.

2. Waiting for the end of a match. That seems like a traditional bet in a bookmaker.

Combining these two methods turns betting into a skill game where you need knowledge and experience to be successful. Now have a look at an example with the above odds.

After a collection of information, we decide that we place a bet on Under/Back: 1.77 for 100. The basis for successful trading is to place a bet on Under/Lay when the odds follow the rule: under/Back must be greater than Under/Lay Suppose the odds for Under/Lay after some hours become under/Lay:1.72. Now you have the opportunity to trade! If you want to get back your 100 betting, simple type to win 100 from the Under/Back odd and you will see that must place a bet of 72 on Under/Back to win 100. After doing this, take a look at your betting. Now if the result is Under/Back you will 77-72=5 and if the result is Under/Back you will nothing win or lose 172-172=0. The +5 amount can be transferred or split between these two odds without risking something from your bankroll.

But maybe you didn't like to trade at that time. You can wait to get better odds or you can go for live trading. When the game begins and no team scores the odds for Under/Back and Under/Lay go down. For example, after 20 minutes when the score is still 0-0 the odds will go down rapidly maybe to 1.40-1.45 for Under/Back and Under/Lay. Now you can trade with better odds, placing a bet on Under/Lay:1.45 for 100to win, place a bet of 45. Now your winnings are 177-145=32 when the Under/Back comes. Of course, you can wait for more and trade later with better odds.
If you are pretty sure the end score will be under you haven't to trade. Just wait for the end of the game and you will win 177-100=77.

Differences between bookmaker and betting exchange market.

  • Betting on a bookmaker means playing against the bookmaker. If you win you will get paid by the bookmaker. Winning on a betting exchange market means that you will be paid off by other players.
  • Bookmakers exist from rakes, but betting exchange companies keep a percentage between 2%-5% from the winnings of a player.
  • Betting exchange markets gives the opportunity to trade with the games since there is no rake.
  • In betting exchange companies you will find much better odds for single bets.