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Bet365 Offer 28/12


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May 3, 2012
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Bet365 In Play Offer – Liverpool v Swansea Kick-off time (GMT): 29/12/2014 : 20:00

The £50.00 in play offer from Bet365 is back again for the second week running! Place a pre-match bet on the Liverpool v Swansea game and Bet365 will give us a risk-free in-play bet to the same stake (up to a maximum of £50.00) on the big match. These Bet365 free bet offers don’t come around often enough, but when they do, there are big profits to be made. We can make a guaranteed minimum profit of £32.74 with this offer and here’s how…

Our in-play bet will be risk-free. This means that we are required to place the in-play bet using our own funds and if this in-play bet loses, they will refund it in full in cash (which is withdrawable straight away). It is worth noting that although the current odds for the draw (at the time of writing) are 4.00, this will usually drop slightly when the game kicks off and therefore I have adjusted the odds accordingly in the following example…

At Bet365; Place £87.04 (pre-match) on Liverpool @ 1.666 = Returns £145.01

At Bet365; Place £50.00 (in-play) on the Draw @ 3.90 = Returns £195.00

At Boylesports; Place £25.22 (pre-match) on Swansea @ 5.75 = Returns £145.02

Let’s have a look at our potential profit/loss for the three potential outcomes…

Liverpool win

£145.01 + £50.00 (refund) = £195.01 – £162.26 (outlay) = £32.75 profit


£195.00 – £162.26 (outlay) = £32.74 profit

Swansea win

£145.02 + £50.00 (refund) = £195.02 – £162.26 (outlay)= £32.76 profit

So as you can see, no matter what the result of the game, we stand to make a guaranteed minimum profit of £32.74!