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Sep 8, 2019
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In sports betting, the more you know, the higher the chances for you to succeed in the long-run.

In a bid to help you win more, we're opening this thread in which we'll be giving you guys FREE training materials, tips and tricks.

Each comment will be a new sports betting topic, so be sure to check each and every one of them so you don't miss out.
How many bet types do you know?

A vast majority of bettors limit themselves just to a few bet types such as outright bets or Asian Handicaps, however, there exist many more, some of which are more popular than others.

In this edition, we'll guide you through some of the most common bet types, so check it out HERE
Bet types - BET-IBC academy.png
Looking for the best prediction sites?

When you find it difficult to analyse sporting events, you can always trust prediction sites for ideas, tips and recommendations on the game/event you want to bet on.

The hardest part about this however is in finding legit and trustworthy ones! But worry not, as we made things easy for you. Click HERE to check it out.

betting predictions sites.png
How much do you know about the Over/Under bet-type?

Hi again guys, together with the Asian Handicap betting market, Over/Under bets can be very rewarding if done the proper way.

Strangely, many punters aren't yet taking full advantage of this bet-type, and most often because they don't have a complete comprehension of what it entails.

We're here to change that and help you win big on this betting market, so check out the following explicit Over/Under betting guide video:

What next?

Well, now that you understand Over/Under bets, it's time for you to open an account on one of the best services of Asian and European bookmakers, this way you are sure to get the best odds, limits and overall assistance when betting.
For Rugby bettors?

Enough focus on football bettors, now it's time to bring some good news to our rugby bettors who are looking forward to be successful betting on the sports.


In this article on how to bet on rugby, we leave no stone unturned and bring to you some exclusive piece of information to guide you while betting, so make sure to read the entire piece.
Where to get very high odds?
Striving for the highest odds available on any event is a point that cannot be overemphasized in sports betting! Understandably so if you are a highroller to whom the smallest tick in odds might mean a significant cut in profits.

Maç Sonuçları (1).png

To let the cat out of the bag, we highly recommend ps3838, if getting very high odds on your bets is a must and a key ingredient in your betting strategy.

Sadly, many punters know very little about ps3838, so, we compiled this extensive and complete guide on how to bet of ps3838. Check it out now.
It is a well-known fact that Pinnacle sports and it's whitelabel ps3838 are the best options for combo bets! However, it has gotten to our attention that many bettors still do not take advantage of this fact to make big gains while betting😳

On that note, we put together this tutorial to guide you on how to place combo bets on ps3838, so watch it and take advantage now:

Still haven't yet signed up? Get a PS3838 Account via agent today and join the winning team👍👍
Not yet using cryptocurrencies as an option to fund your betting account? If yes, then you are missing out greatly!

Crytos are taking over the betting industry right now, and this is backed by the increased popularity of the latter in general. Deposit and withdrawals using cryptocurrencies are often much more faster than traditional betting payment options such as bank transfers for instance that could take several days.

To guide you further on how to use cryptocurrencies in betting, we put forth the following video tutorial. Enjoy it, and do not forget to like, comment and share :)
The choice of bookmaker and/or betting agent goes a long way to determine how successful a bettor will be in the short, mid and long-term. This phase is one that should not be gotten wrong if you are serious with your betting journey!

To help you make the right decision; we prepared this extensive and very helpful video guide, so be sure to watch it attentively and take some notes where necessary.

Once you must have watched the video guide, the next thing to do is to pick from our list of top Asian and European bookmakers, so you can start winning big.

1X2 bets are among the simplest and most straightforward bet types out there, but many bettors still struggle to make substantial gains when betting on this market, and this shouldn't be!

Want to know the ins and outs of the 1X2 bet type, watch this:


There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to the cash out function in betting, and more specifically the cash out function on Fair999.

To help clear any doubts you may have, we created the following video tutorial, so, enjoy it. And just in case you haven't yet, please make sure to sign up for a fair999 account today, to benefit from this cash out feature.


Over the years, European bookmakers have been competing with their Asian counterparts to gain the title of "best betting bookmakers offered", with the Asian bookies seemingly dominating the debates in gambling communities, often because of the relatively higher odds offered.

The question remains, are Asian bookmakers really all that popular? Watch the following video to know better:

Also be sure to open an account on the best Asian and European bookmakers if you haven't yet.

One of the major concerns of bettors these days has to do with the issue of voided bets, especially if you bet significantly high amounts of money on a constant basis.

If you've been searching for a solution to this problem, you need to search no more as we have the perfect solution for you in this latest video tutorial we've prepared.

Be sure to like, comment your thoughts and most importantly to share with your bettor-friends.


Many bettors who for one reason or the other can't have access to the original Betfair often have one question in common and this is, "which bookie is almost similar to Betfair and allows almost every punter to sign up for an account?

Well, if you are one of these bettors, we have good news for you. In this other video tutorial, we will guide you step-by-step on the process to create an Orbit Exchange account, and just in case you wondering, OrbitX is a perfect copy of betfair and it will almost make you forget about Betfair, so to speak.


On the best betting platform VIP-IBC, although you have access to over 8 top betting bookmakers, you can enable or disable some of these bookies in the settings to best suit your betting preferences and needs.

In our latest tutorial, we guide you exactly how to do that, so, be sure to watch, like, comment and share the video 👍

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Most pro punters have over/under bets as a major part of their betting strategy, and this isn't by chance! Actually over/under bets are safer and easier to predict the other common betting markets such as 1X2 or Asian Handicap bets.

In our latest tutorial, we uncover how you can go about placing over/under bets, so watch, enjoy and share :)

Still haven't opened an account at the best Asian and European bookmakers yet? What are you waiting for, do so NOW!

The whole concept of data scouts often gets misunderstood by amateur and pro bettors alike; and just in case you also do not fully comprehend who data scouts are, worry not, because in this video we de-mystify the whole concept.

Watch, comment and share :)

Asian Handicap bets can be very profitable in the long run if done properly! But, many bettors still don't take advantage of this great betting market, and this can partly be explained by the fact that many amateur and even some pro punters still don't really understand this bet type.

To help you comprehend this bet market, we put forth the following tutorial.

Watch, like, comment, share and be sure to subscribe to our channel, so you don't miss our next video series ;)

To be able to make the most out of Asian Handicap bets, you need a top betting bookmaker, this way you are sure to get the best odds possible on each bet you make, so, be sure to also sign up for an account on the best Asian and European bookmakers NOW and start winning big...

In our latest tutorial, we teach you how you can accurately compute your Over/Under bets and win big.

We can say it enough! Over/Under bets are among the most profitable betting markets out there, and you should be benefiting from this too if you aren't yet.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section after you finish watching. Also like and share to help other bettors :)

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Both teams to score betting market is pretty straight-forward to comprehend, but, for novice bettors who just began making wagers it may be something new, thus we sought out to explain this type of bets the simplest way possible in our latest tutorial. Watch, comment and share 👍

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