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Best United Game Scratch Review: Mystic Dragon


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Nov 24, 2023
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Let’s take a closer look at Mystic Dragon Scratch Game, a game inspired by the mythical Fire Dragon, a legendary creature found in various cultures worldwide. Even though the theme might feel familiar, Mystic Dragon brings something new with its cool features and chances to win.

In this game, you get to visit The Dragon Lair, a perilous realm veiled in molten fury, where fire-breathing dragons reign supreme. One special feature of Mystic Dragon is that all dragon cards conceal substantial rewards, making winning combinations even more exhilarating.

Best United Game Scratch Game Review: Mystic Dragon

Game Basics

The dragon card has five levels, nine cells. You can bet between $1 and $100, making it suitable for all kinds of players.

To win, you need to scratch off the protective layer of cells on the card, with each turn allowing you to scratch three cells. The total value of the three scratched cells determines the winnings, as all nine cells on the card contain prizes, including some with significant values that can pleasantly surprise you.

Each level of the card symbolizes a stage of the mysterious fire dragon’s maturity, from the dragon egg to the formidable dragon lord.

The King Dragon, a powerful character in the game, brings special prizes capable of multiplying winnings. These unique prizes can reach up to 100 times the bet and can appear randomly during gameplay.

What to Expect

Mystic Dragon has an RTP (which is like the winning percentage) of 93.50%. It also has high volatility, meaning big wins might not happen very often, but when they do, they can be really big! However, I advise players to play responsibly and understand that casino games are designed to get rid of boredom, not your savings.


The game adopts a design reminiscent of an ancient tale about fire dragons. Each card features animated dragons accompanied by fire and lightning effects, symbolizing the power of the Fire Dragon.


Despite the familiarity of fire dragons, this United Game scratch game injects fun with its unique twists. You can even try the free version ‘Mystic Dragon demo’, and let us know what you think! And if you enjoy this game, United Game offers a range of other captivating games to discover.

Note: We advocate for the regulation of the gambling world to mitigate negative impacts on individuals. Whether considering yourself an expert or a casual player, it is crucial to engage in responsible play, acknowledging that gambling is a form of entertainment rather than a potential source of income.
Game reviews are always a fun read. Mystic Dragon sounds intriguing. Reminds me of this one game I played where you could explore dragon-filled realms. It was such an immersive experience! Speaking of dragons, I stumbled upon this website: https://dragon-vibe.com/; they've got this knack for bringing those fantastical vibes to life through their collection.