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Be the winner in our game and win €100!


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Oct 21, 2014
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During Round 1 we saw some unexpected results.
We are still looking for the best predictor. Nothing is lost, you can still join in our game and Win €100 in cash reward.

Rules are simple:

🔰Predict the correct score on as many as possible matches from Europa League Play-offs rounds 1&2.
🔰Collect points for every correct score or match outcome.
🔰2 players with the most collected points will receive €100.
🔰️The Cash Reward will be considered as a regular deposit in your PremiumTradings account.
🔰To claim your reward you need to have an active PremiumTradings account.
🔰If you haven't got an account with PremiumTradings.com, but you want to participate in the game, you can easily register HERE or contact our support team.

All general PremiumTradings Terms&Conditions apply!

Fill in the surveyto score your answers!

Check the details >>> https://bit.ly/3LDQZZI <<<
200 Euro are waiting for two of you.
Predict the score for tonight's Europa League clashes and win our cash reward.
Thanks to all the fans who participated in our game! We will sum up all collected points, and we will contact the winners via email to get their rewards!

Kind Regards,
PremiumTradings team