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Arbitrage in Sports Betting: How to Beat the Bookies

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Feb 15, 2022
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Bettingsoftware.com is the best betting software out there, and it is perfect for Arbitrage, a technique that can help you beat the bookies!

Arbitrage is a technique much sought after by bettors who wish to make money in sports betting.

And the reason is simple:

It allows the player to always profit, regardless of the outcome of the game, if it is applied within a few specific situations.

Draw, lose, win. Whatever: Winnings are guaranteed when you apply this technique in the right way.

But beware! It takes a lot of dedication and hard work, especially in mathematics, to get it right.

See the game below:

SitesRafael NadalGaël Monfils
Site 21,422,90
Site 11,303,93

To calculate the profit margins of the houses, we simply divide 1 by the 2 odds, then add up the results and multiply the sum by 100! See below:

Site 1: (1/1.30 + 1/3.93) x 100 = 102.37%

House profit margin of 2.37%.

Site 2: (1/1.42 + 1/2.90) x 100 = 104.91% Profit margin of the house

House profit margin of 4.91%

The secret of arbitrage is that you can make a guaranteed profit even if the house "beats" you.

But how is this possible?

Just calculate so that there is no profit margin for the bookmaker, but for you.

In the case of the example above, you would have to:

Bet on Monfils' win at Site 1 - Odd of 3.93
Bet on Nadalto win at Site 2 - Odd 1,42
Using the formula above:

(1/1.42 + 1/3.93) x 100 = 95.86% ➡️Bettor's profit margin of 4.14%.

Doing this calculation confirms that if you bet on the 2 outcomes you can get a profit margin around 4%.

How to Identify Opportunities for Arbitrage

The question now is to know when to find perfect opportunities to apply the technique. Here we have to follow some rules.

1. find the profit percentage for you

The profit margin should be found in the sum of the odds you are going to bet on.

This is easier to do when the odds have a good difference between them, as in the example used.

Ideally the difference should be at least 1 point between the two odds.

2. Bet on 2 or 3 places and not only one

Some bettors say that arbitrage can work by betting on only one house.

This is a lie.

And even if it did, you would be banned or have your account suspended by the site.

If you are betting on an event with only 2 possible outcomes (Tennis, for example), choose 2 different houses.

If you are betting on a sport like Soccer, with 3 possible results, choose 3 houses. That's 1 site for each result.

3. Focus on the 1X2 or Moneyline market

You can apply arbitrage in sports betting on almost any market. But for now let's play it safe.

Focusing on the 1X2 market or Moneyline is simpler. In Moneyline with only 2 competitors (Tennis and UFC) is even better.

Nothing prevents you, however, from placing bets on Soccer. You just need to use the calculator to know how much to bet on a draw.

In this case, as you have 3 possible results, you will have to choose 3 bookmakers and not 2. Attention!

4. Use a good betting software

This is perhaps the most important tip!

Your life is much easier if you use a tool like Bettingsoftware.com, where you can find offers from many top bookmakers in one place, allowing you to compare the odds offered and always choose the best options for your Arbitrage!

We hope this post has cleared up your doubts, join Bettingsoftware.com and become a Winner!
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