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Accumulator Bets With BSO

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Betting Software (BSO)

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Feb 15, 2022
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Accumulators are one of the most popular types of bets out the, and as the best betting software BSO is ready to let you in on that fun as well!

However, before placing an accumulator with BSO, give this post a read so that you are in the know.


You can place accumulator bets if you click on the relevant button that exists on the main trade page next to the indication +/- adjacent to each market, and change the display of the platform to accumulator view.

If you place any such bets, they will be placed at the bet bar. You can also find it at the accounting page as well as the history of the orders you have placed.

Key Points:​

  • The maximum amount that can be paid daily to winning accumulator bets is 20,000 EUR. No payments can be made for amounts that exceed this limit.
  • The eligible markets where accumulator bets can be placed are the deadball football markets for the competitions listed below.
  • There can only be one inclusion for each event and for each accumulator bet.

Eligible Competitions​

The following competitions are eligible for Accumulator bets at BSO:
  • Brazil - Série A & B
  • CAF - African Cup of Nations
  • CONMEBOL - Copa Libertadores
  • England - Premier & Football Leagues, Championship, League 1, EFL, FA Cup
  • France - Ligue 1, Coupe de France,
  • FIFA - World Cup
  • Germany - Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 & Cup
  • Italy - Serie A, Coppa Italia
  • Netherlands - Erediisie, KNVB Cup
  • Portugal- Primeira Liga
  • Russia - Premier League
  • Scotland - Premier League
  • Spain - La Liga, Copa Del Rey
  • UEFA - Champions & Europa Leagues, Super Cup, European Championship
  • USA - Major League Soccer

The Rules​

  • We reserve the right to limit the range of events for which Accumulator bets will be available.
  • The maximum bet of an Accumulator, which will be determined at our discretion, will be displayed in the bet slip. Minimum bet requirements may also apply.
  • The maximum payout limit for Accumulators in one calendar day (GMT) is €20,000 (or currency equivalent). The settlement time of each Accumulator is defined by the time when the Accumulator is settled by us. Accumulator bets will generally be settled shortly after the outcome of the Accumulator has been determined (i.e. after the first losing leg has lost or after the final winning leg has won). However, we make no guarantees regarding the settlement time of Accumulator bets.
  • The maximum payout limit applies to any one customer or group of customers acting together, backing the same combination of selections, regardless of whether or not such bets are struck separately, at a range of different prices, on different days and through a number of different accounts. If we believe that a number of bets have been placed in this way, the total payment of all those bets combined will be limited to one single maximum payout.
  • Legs will be settled on the official result of the relevant governing body regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result (except if an amendment is announced within 24 hours of the initial settlement of the relevant leg in order to correct an error in reporting the result).
  • If no official result of a relevant governing body is available, the result will be determined using information from independent sources. In such cases, if any new information comes into the public domain within 48 hours of settlement, then we shall (acting reasonably) determine either:
    ( i) whether bets should be reinstated or resettled in light of this new information
    (ii) whether or not to wait for further information before deciding whether to reinstate or resettle legs.
  • Any information that comes into the public domain more than 48 hours after a market has been settled shall not be considered by us (regardless of whether or not such information may have led to a different result).
  • In the event of any uncertainty about any result or potential result, we reserve the right to suspend the settlement of any leg for an unlimited period until the uncertainty can be resolved to our satisfaction. We reserve the right to void any legs where the uncertainty regarding the settlement cannot be resolved to our reasonable satisfaction.
  • In the event of a change in venue, we reserve the right to void legs where there is a reasonable difference to the probability of outcomes as a result of this change, which we will determine at our own discretion.
  • In case of postponement, if an event does not start as scheduled, and does not start the same day (local time of the event) then the postponed leg or legs will be void and the Accumulator will be recalculated, with the odds reduced, based on the remaining live legs.
  • Maximum and minimum leg requirements may apply.
  • We reserve the right to reverse or amend settlement in the event of an Accumulator being settled incorrectly. This may lead to amendments being made to your account to reflect changes in settlement and if there are insufficient funds in your account we may demand that you put funds into your account to address the outstanding balance.
  • The odds for each selection in an Accumulator may be rounded for display purposes (e.g. rounded to two decimal places). However, when calculating the payout of an Accumulator we will use the exact odds of each selection to determine the exact payout.
  • We may limit or not allow the same game Accumulators on specific games at our discretion.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the same game Accumulator bets if we find this bet option is being abused.
  • If one or more legs, or partial legs, of the Accumulator are either a push, cancellation or otherwise void for any reason, the Accumulator will be recalculated, with the odds reduced, based on the remaining live legs. For example, if one (or more) selections should void then the odds for that selection will revert to odds of 1.00.
  • If all selections should win then the Accumulator wins and will be paid at the combined odds of the two or more selections. If one (or more) selection should fail to win then the Accumulator loses.

We know that it was quite the long read, but now you are well informed and ready to open an account at the best betting software to start winning big with your accumulator bets!

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